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  1. Dove's story.
  2. Dove first campaign.
    1. Campaign's aim.
    2. First results.
  3. The new campaign for Real Beauty .
    1. Case study.
    2. What about the advertising?.
    3. Why the Campaign for Real Beauty?.
  4. Dove real beauty campaign through a SOSTAC analyse.
    1. Dove market (situation).
    2. Dove projects (objectives).
    3. Dove strategy.
    4. Dove tactic.
    5. Dove?s results.

Media not only encompasses the choice of advertising medium (television, radio, newspaper, outdoor, direct mail, etc.), but also the creative strategy. The creative strategy determines what you want to say, how you will say it, and who you want to say it to.
Dove Beauty is one example of positioning and creative strategy. In 1957, Lever Brothers made up their mind to position a new product as a beauty bar for dry complexions, rather than as a bar of soap for simple cleansing. The Dove marketing strategy reflects that position.

The name "Dove" was selected to sound like a beauty bar not soap. The oval shape is more feminine than the traditional rectangular solid bar. Dove is packaged in a box, like a cosmetic, rather than in a paper wrapper. It is clearly a product targeting women.
From that marketing strategy, came the creative strategy that would attempt to persuade women that Dove is better than soap. Dove's television and print advertising contrasted the effects of Dove and soap by showing women taking the ?Dove Face Test?. Their advertising promised that ?Dove moisturizes your skin while you wash?, and it supported that claim with a demonstration of a cleansing cream being poured into the oval-shaped bar. Dove has maintained its positioning and creative strategy since its introduction.

Nowadays Dove still continuing with this way of thinking and tries to find a better solution for women's beauty. In this document we will see a brief story of the brand since the beginning of Real Beauty campaign. We will focus specifically on its new campaign, and in the last part we will try to explain this campaign through a SOSTAC plan.

[...] Aim of the campaign The first ad campaign using this creative direction was launched in London on March 29th and featured a curvaceous woman in white underwear, advertising Dove Firming Lotion. This ad and the ads that followed caused the sales of the lotion to increase by 700 percent in the UK. Not one of the women in the ads was a professional model. They were found on the streets and through ads in Time Out magazine looking for ?positive women who enjoy their curves?. [...]

[...] Dove projects (objectives) Although Dove has focused on expanding its range of products into new sectors, the brand has not forgotten that consumers' attitudes towards a brand are based on more than just its products. The latest developments at Lever Faberge are aimed at establishing Dove as an iconic beauty brand that offers a different point of view, and attitude on beauty. Currently most beauty brands talk about transformation and use images of models, which everyday women find unrealistic and unobtainable. [...]

[...] Chosen for their confidence and spark, the girls featured in the Dove Firming campaign appear only in their underwear and the photos were not airbrushed or re-touched in any way Dove is currently developing a new ?Beauty Theory' which will influence how it communicates with women. This ?Beauty Theory' is about real women rather than stereotypes, broadening the definition of beauty and embracing all shapes and sizes and looks. By taking a more realistic approach to the beauty market Dove is differentiating itself from its competitors and positioning itself as the brand that gives superior care to real women not supermodels. [...]

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