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Dove advertising campaign

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  1. Dove's story
  2. The first advertising of Dove: a campaign of and for real woman
  3. The new campaign for real beauty
  4. Dove self-esteem fund
  5. A revolutionary strategy on the cosmetic market
  6. The latest campaign: Pro Age campaign or the beauty has no age

In the modern days, media is everywhere. Communication is not only essential, it has become a necessity. Media includes the choice of advertising channels, for example, television, radio, newspaper, direct mail, and to be recognized, it is important to stand apart from the others. The creative advertising strategy is one of the best. Dove is one good example of creative strategy and marketing positioning. Lever Brothers wanted to introduce in 1957, a new product, a beauty bar instead of a common bar of soap. Even the name of Dove was picked to sound smooth and to let us think about a beauty bar and not about soap. Dove clearly target women, and everything in its package, shape, logo, and colors inspires feminism. From its marketing and communication strategy, Dove tried to convince women that it is better than a simple soap, due to the creative strategy. Through television and print advertising, Dove wants to pass the message that their products 'moisturize your skin' and demonstrate it by the pH test. Until today, Dove is a creative brand which insists on the importance of women in the cosmetic market. They constantly try to innovate to find solutions for the beauty feeling in women. In that way, we will study the Real Beauty campaign of Dove and their new and creative advertising campaign in order to understand its impact in the women market.

[...] Campaign's aim: The advertising campaign of Dove presents us a group of women with reality representative bodies, women with real and natural fullness, with all of their imperfections that are the base of their beauty. This ad was firstly launched in London on March 29 th 2004, and showed those curvaceous women in white underwear for a Dove lotion. A real good and nice marketing hit from Dove, one of the first cosmetic brand to surf into the wave of the real body and beauty without tricks. [...]

[...] Over three weeks of consumers who tested the product found that their cellulite had been reduced and their skin seemed to be firmer and tighter.4 Those surveys are a manner to reassure women to establish credibility even if it is marketing oriented and strategically calculated, and that Dove products are maybe not so much effective than others brands TV and poster advertising campaign had become a talking point because it shows real women with curves showing their body shapes without retouch with Photoshop or other software. [...]

[...] The next episode of viral advertising Following the first film launched over the Internet, Dove had continued to sit up and take notice women concerning the concept and the problem of well being and beauty in our actual society. This second short film, named Onslaught, shows a little girl exposed to the industry of beauty ads since her early age. You can fin this ad by clicking on the following link: . On one hand, Dove is making advertising to fight against advertising. [...]

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