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An e-business analysis of Amazon

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  1. The life cycle of Amazon
  2. Needs and customers addressed
  3. Roles of Internet strategy
  4. Management strategies
  5. Type of users and e-commerce considerations
  6. Internet regulate e-business
  7. Technological advantages
  8. EC metrics of Amazon
  9. EC security
  10. EC global limitations

The purpose of this essay is to pick a brick-and-mortar company. Provide the history of the company, background, and life cycle of the company. I am going to describe the needs and customers Amazon addresses. I am going to provide the roles of internet strategy: business strategy, Information Systems Strategy (IS), Information and Communication Technology Strategy (ICT), and e-Commerce Strategy (EC). Address the knowledge management strategies the company uses. The online user types for this company and the e-commerce considerations. Technological advantage of e-business to this company. The impact of Internet regulation to e-business companies. The EC Metrics of Amazon e-business. EC Security of an e-business company. The limitations to Global e-commerce.

[...] (2016), this is the life cycle of Amazon 1995: debuts on the Web. 1997: The company goes public; becomes the first Internet retailer to secure one million customers. 1998: enters the online music and video business; companies are acquired in the United Kingdom and Germany. 1999: The firm expands into selling toys, electronics, tools, and hardware; Bezos is named Time Magazine's "Person of the Year." 2001: reports its first net profit during the fourth quarter. Needs and Customers Addressed Amazon target all on-line users. [...]

[...] References:, Inc. - Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background Information on, Inc. (2016). Retrieved September from; Inc.html#ixzz4JRDIuBqf Kourdi, J. (2015). Business Strategy : A Guide to Effective Decision- making. New York: cdf999f1cdfd%40sessionmgr4007&vid=6&hid=4211&bquery=business+strategy&b data=JmNsaTA9RlQmY2x2MD1ZJnR5cGU9MCZzaXRlPWVkcy1saXZl ICT (information and communications technology - or technologies). Retrieved September from: communications-technology-or-technologies What is a business strategy? Retrieved September from: Strategic information system. Retrieved September from: information-system Trepper, C., H. (2001). E-Commerce Strategies. [...]

[...] Seller customers and app developers also use Amazon. The users of Amazon are not only the people that prefer to shop at home. The company has about sixty million customers. The customers include banks, pharmaceuticals companies, and corporations. E-Commerce you need a good infrastructure for the network to work properly. Good employees are need, money to invest in the business, must keep customers satisfied and most of all time. There has to be a lot of time invested in a successful business. [...]

[...] The recommendation provided based on customer interest and prices ae compared. Customer reviews can be recorded or written down. The reviews help other customers to make certain decisions about products. Customers are able to create a wish list of the products they like. Amazon allows customers to be to get free versions of music that they have purchased. Amazon offer many services to their customers that other companies are not able to offer. Internet has given Amazon the edge over some of the other companies. [...]

[...] Roles of Internet Strategy A business strategy typically is a document that clearly articulates the direction a business will pursue and the steps it will take to achieve its goals. In a standard business plan, the business strategy results from goals established to support the stated mission of the business. The business strategy helps to dictate what position the company will be in s for as cost, quality, availability, and performance. Amazon business strategy is to make offers that cannot be refused. No information should be given unless it is necessary. The teams should be small at all times. [...]

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