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E-business: CBS

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  1. Brief presentation of the company
  2. CBS ans its website
    1. Presentation of the website
    2. The aim and use of it
    3. The strategy of the website
  3. How to develop E-business strategy of CBS
  4. Conclusion

Everyone has a favorite show on television, whether it is drama or a comedy. And in today's present age and time, one can claim that television is present in every household of the residents of developed countries (and this claim is becoming more and more true in developing countries). In a nutshell, television is considered a necessity rather than a luxury item. As a French native, I (like many of my French peers) was unaware of the gentle ?war' that requires huge television networks to constitute in producing those favorite shows in the United States. Indeed, the turnover from these companies comes from the success of its shows (as the number of viewers increase, the price of the commercials and TV ads increase simultaneously). CBS, the television channel which airs TV shows and other shows is one of the biggest in the United States with reported revenues of 14.072 billion dollars in 2007. And the competition is fierce when it is a question of catching the viewers' attention at the prime time. Besides the television network competition, the launch of websites such as Youtube and other streaming TV video websites, provide full episodes from any TV show aired on television. This phenomenon is increasing dramatically and is also encountering cut-throat competition. Therefore, in order to retain its activity and stability, CBS has counter attacked by ensuring that there is no overwhelming effect created by these new arrivals.

[...] FACEBOOK In our case, CBS already has a link with (which is an online source of music and videos), YouTube (CBS allows the website to broadcast videos aired first on CBS) and Facebook. CBS offers the possibility to bookmark it, especially on Google and on Facebook. These already are a part of web but it needs to be widened to create a bigger and stronger community. I would really put the emphasis on Facebook. Indeed, there many groups for CBS but they are all about one show; CBS should create a CBS group that would allow anyone to have information and news about their shows 3 Kevin Kelly, quoted on the article Qu'est-ce que le web 2.0 written by Hubert Guillaud, on the website 7 (through updates); moreover, people would talk about their favorite shows or about other shows of the television network: people not knowing about them would certainly look for them on the Internet, watch them and so on (buy the DVDs, become themselves fans, etc.). [...]

[...] Therefore the CBS website should be the first one to appear on the Google or Yahoo rank, when visitors are searching for information or the show. With the use of the right keywords included in the text on each webpage of the website, the SEO system would allow the web users to find what they are looking for. It would also fix CBS problem (the fact that you do not obtain information on their shows when you are looking for them). [...]

[...] CBS offer RSS feed but solely on the CBS News website. I think it would be wise to put it not only on the CBS News website, but also on the CBS website too, to get the latest information on any show, of the possible shows that could be aired. As a watcher myself of some of their TV shows, I find interesting to be informed about the schedule (when does the first episode start? When is the winter break? [...]

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