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E-marketing: Internet advertising

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In recent years, the Internet has evolved and technologies have matured to bring about real growth of the digital economy (high-speed, powerful computers, standardization of languages and technologies). The creators of information content, both administrative and commercial, were able to present good online offers. The familiarity with and the ownership of the web by Internet users, whose population has markedly increased, resulted in the emergence of an international phenomenon: online advertising.

What tools are available to the advertisers to make an advertising campaign online? What are the new advertising tools? What is the evolution of the market for Internet advertising? In the first part of this document, we will study the various tools of online advertising, and in the second part, the evolution of the Web advertising market.

Just five years ago, advertising on the Internet were mostly very invasive and intrusive for the visitor: pop-ups, slide-up (window popping out of the screen to disturb the visitor), etc. Long supported by the Internet, these ads are now becoming less common because they are scaring away the visitors, leaving room for less aggressive ads. The banner was the tool most used by advertisers in 2006, probably because of its low cost and its simple and fast implementation. These banners are placed on different websites and can be still images, animated, flash, etc.

Tags: Internet advertising, Advertising tools, E-marketing

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