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E85, L 'green energy, present or future?

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  1. Introduction
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This document summarizes the outcome of the meeting conducted with regard to certain critical topics from "Challenges" and "The Economist". It agreed to treat the theme of energy "substitution" by referring to green energy that may replace oil in the years to come. This topic is recurrent in the magazines that were consulted and also seemed to be a very interesting idea. It has the advantage of being valid, and the work period coincided with the opening of the motor show which foreshadowed that the right choice was made.

A dozen commercials were selected and the ones of Ford were retained. This seemed to be the most interesting discussion because of its layout, and also by its nature focused on biofuels and that made the subject well demarcated.

On the other hand, Ford wants to be "green": "The environment is at the heart of the global challenges of today and tomorrow " said Ford on the introductory page of its website. This is a hot topic that begins to seriously affect and involve governments, producers and therefore consumers.

Moreover, the global automobile of the year 2006 has devoted its poster to a planet Earth-shaped car, which demonstrates the growing importance of environmental issues in this sector.

The latter missed the international event for all car enthusiasts, and is the ideal place to promote and educate visitors regarding the "new energy". In addition to individual stands for each automaker, the show has devoted one of its halls only to biofuels, to explain its origin and existence. The work is both individual and collective, because it took the parties that must be dealt with, and in the final group, everyone could add their ideas along with the work of others, and the choice of securities so that the flow of ideas were decided by all.

Number two worldwide in the automotive and leveraging the experience of more than a century in the field, the American manufacturer Ford has launched very early in the hybrid engine technologies. Indeed, the introduction of models equipped with electric motors (model Range EV), selling over 1.6 million vehicles running on ethanol since 1996, or the market launch of new models with hybrid technology in 2004 are proof of both the enthusiasm and commitment shown by Ford in this area.

Bioethanol, in part by its significant operations in countries such as Brazil and Sweden, and also by the will of the advanced economies to exploit more heavily, is an energy.

There is indeed much to be done for bioethanol to be used more: more pumps in gas stations and policies to encourage its use (reduced rate of this energy, ads demonstrating the benefits of the use of bioethanol) will be necessary for its promotion.

All the ingredients are there to say it will take on this energy in the very near future: In an environment where scientists are alarmed and pessimistic about the future of the planet ethanol appears to be the perfect solution tool. It pollutes less than gasoline and diesel (70% less than gasoline).

Ford, already in the field of green, is now preparing to accompany this phenomenon in France, with its flex-fuel vehicles as bioethanol is a reality, bioethanol is the future.

Tags: green energy, bioethanol substitute to gasoline and diesel, Ford hybrid car

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