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Employing Stars for publicity

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  1. Introduction
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Today all live in a society where advertising is present everywhere. It exists in the media in all formats, in all languages and cultures. One may very well not watch television or do not open a newspaper, however it is difficult to avoid the billboard that is in the street or in the subway. Advertising is part of the daily lives because "each viewer sees 116 prime time commercials on an average per night. And, this just for the TV media only, add to the stress-radio, billboards, press, cinema, internet etc ".

Among these different forms of advertising, a special technique is developing faster. It is the use of celebrities in advertising or marketing and the use of the celebrity who moved inexorably as a major technical communication. According to TNS Media Intelligence, in 2004, 684 television commercials consisted of a celebrity, or 44%, since 2000.

The question that arises is the reason why these commercials absolutely want to enlist a star in their commercials, and also to discover why all these celebrities accept such business proposals. At first glance, the answer seems simple enough. The money from advertising allows stars to increase their income, and the presence of a star allows them to afford a brand new status and to associate its image with the audiences.

However, taking a closer look, the phenomenon is a bit more complex. While the vast sums generated by advertising are particularly attractive for a star, the monetary benefit is not the only motivation. When one is a local or a national star and offered the opportunity to join an international brand, it gives a single blow to the actor, singer or athlete to acquire an international dimension.

For instance, when Claudia Shiffer poses for L'Oreal, saying "it's worth it," the presence and the international reputation of the brand allows it to be known and recognized on every continent, with all the opportunities that it represents. Conversely, when it is a French chain of discount stores, relying on the best footballer on the planet, who just won the World Cup, it is a great way to increase its visibility and create a strong relationship with the consumer.

This magic word, the star, was invented and revealed by the film industry emerged in the early twentieth century. When MarilynMonroe, for example, "said she slept naked only wearing Chanel No. 5, the next day, all the perfumes of the United States were out ofstock." .

The star can be defined as a specific product of capitalist civilization born in 1910 in the competition from the film market .To refine the analysis of the star system it seems interesting to note the scale of the fame of stars.

First of all the "personalities", are recognized for their social role and influence. The definition is based on this vision by adding a personality to be known and recognized in the industry for his career, and a number of qualities, expertise, skills and strengths. Then will see "celebrities" that the majority of the public recognizes spontaneously. Their names and faces are known to all which promotes a strong emotional relationship. Finally, there are those who dream, that fascination and is called the "World Stars".

The star is much more rare. Only a few celebrities reach the star status. It's a celebrity with influence that transcends borders, and a strong impact on sales. A fourth category can also be added, the "brand ambassador". It's a star, so familiar to the general public, whose reputation and values of particular interest to the brand.

Tags: advetising, stars for brand publicity, promotions using stars

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