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Energy Marketing

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  1. Product policy
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Marketing is a discipline of management that seeks to determine the offers of goods, services or ideas based on attitudes and the motivation of consumers , the public or society in general. In this paper. We will be studying the marketing of energy . The first question we must ask ourselves is what is energy?

Energy ( Greek : ????????, energeia, force in action) is what enables a system to change its state, to produce work that results in movement.
Energy is at the heart of global issues we are considering today as we try to formulate more sustainable plans for our consumption of energy.
But what is the connection between globalization, competition and sustainable development?

Between 2008 and 2030, the growth of human activity is and will continue to be a major role in this sector.It results in an increased population of non-OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) where millions of personal NNES have access to wealth.The consequence of this will be that people will soon need more energy and even in 2030 we will be dependent on fossil fuels.

It has been predicted that all the oil in the world will disappear in 42 years, the natural gases in 60 years and coal will disappear in 133 years. It is expected that this will lead to an increase in energy costs. These primary sources of energies are concentrated in some geographic areas where everyone cannot access these resources.
In the first part of this paper we will study the characteristics of energy and see if it can be treated as any other commodity is. Then we will look at the environmental problems , the collective consciousness about these problems and their implications. We will conclude by analyzing this problem with a marketing case study.

Tags: energy definition, marketing of energy, world reserves of energy

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