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  1. Situation analysis
    1. Industry analysis
    2. SWOT and PEST analysis
    3. Porter's Five Forces Model
  2. Marketing strategy
    1. Target market
    2. The offer
    3. 4 Ps
    4. Brand strategy
    5. Market entry programs
  3. Management issues
    1. Future prospects
    2. Human resources functions
    3. Financial functions

The purpose of the project we would like to set up in Germany is the launch of a new service intended to employees and which follows the current trend of women at work. More precisely, the service consists of child cares that we provide in partnership with companies in their office, for employees. To better understand the interest of this service, it is important to precise the situation of the feminine work market in Germany. Indeed, women face difficulties in parenthood with employment. On one hand, the access to public child care is really difficult because of lack of a place and on the other hand there is no school available for children until they are 6 years old, contrary to France for example. Consequently, most of women decide to stop their professional career or to stay in the company without having children. Thus, the solution we would like to provide is the improvement of a company child care in a strategic business place, such it is the case in La Défense in Paris, for example.

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