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Green marketing issues about Total

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  1. Introduction of the company
    1. History
    2. Facts about total
    3. Strategy
  2. General analysis about total
    1. Respect of the regulations and norm
    2. Porter Five Forces
    3. Value chain analysis
    4. Eco performance matrix
  3. Products analysis
    1. Leveraging oil and gas resource
    2. Renewable energy
    3. Improving products
  4. Conclusion
  5. Bibliography

Total is a leading multinational energy company with 111, 401 employees and operations in more than 130 countries. Together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, Total is the fourth largest publicly-traded oil and gas integrated company in the world. Its businesses cover the entire oil and gas chain, from crude oil and natural gas exploration and production to the gas downstream (including power generation), transportation, refining, petroleum product marketing, and international crude oil and product trading. Total is also a world-class chemicals manufacturer.
Total's global businesses are divided into three segments:
The Upstream encompasses our oil and natural gas Exploration and Production operations, along with our Gas and Power activities.
The Downstream covers Trading and Shipping, Refining and the Marketing of TOTAL and Elf brand petroleum products, automotive and other fuels, and specialties such as LPG, aviation fuel and lubricants, through both the retail network and other outlets worldwide.
Chemicals includes Petrochemicals, Specialties, Fertilizers and Elastomer processing and Arkema, a new entity including Vinyl Products, Industrial Chemicals and Performance Products.
In 2004, Total delivered remarkable operational and financial performances and was one of the world's fastest-growing, best-performing oil companies. Over a period of five years, the Group's hydrocarbon production has increased by 25%.
This growth is being supported by a clearly defined strategy and a determination to continuously improve performance while respecting our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

[...] Firm Infrastructure: TOTAL has an ethical committee which is composed by four chief executive officers and who take care of the respect of the group's Code of conduct, and who adapt his criteria for each place. Human resource management : The Human resource board ensures that the procedures are in place for the group employees to become thoroughly familiar with the code of conduct, understand its provisions and apply them. Technology development: TOTAL, develop new energy power such as solar energy, wind machine Procurement: TOTAL chooses his suppliers contingent on their respect of TOTAL Code of Conduct. [...]

[...] The respect of regulation is a way for Total to build a green image. As Thierry Desmarest, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer people expect a lot from us because of the industry we're in, our size, our financial clout and our geographic reach. We're asked about our work practices, our ethical principles, our industrial safety performance, our environmental stewardship, and our contribution to employment, research and local development?, Total has to open dialogue with their partners and with civil society. [...]

[...] It seems that TOTAL has learned about the dramatic sinking of the Erika and the resultant oil spill along the French Atlantic Coast. In 2004 TOTAL replaced their shipping fleet and the new vessels chartered in 2004 include two product tankers with an especially innovative design comprising two engine systems, double rudders and double propellers. The vessels meet the most demanding quality and safety standards in the tanker market today. Also In 2004, a sweeping plan was introduced to inventory pipeline operating conditions, prompted by a desire to apply the lessons learned from the accidental fire that broke out in a gasline owned by another company in Ghislenghien, Belgium. [...]

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