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Green Ox case: Strategic marketing for a drink dedicated to sports

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  1. How could this market be segmented? From Green Ox's perspective, what are the pros and cons of each?
  2. Which particular segment(s) do you recommend Green Ox focus on? Why?
  3. Describe and defend a positioning statement for the target segment you recommend
  4. Palmer Jackson realizes that product, price distribution, and promotion decisions for Green Ox all rely on the decisions they make with respect to question 1-3 and that all four of the ''P'' decisions are intertwined and depend on each other. They feel that the place to start is with some notion of how many flavors of Green Ox they should introduce and at what price. They want your advice on that as well
    1. Product
    2. Price
    3. Place
    4. Promotion
  5. Now assume you have just presented your analysis and recommendation to Palmer Jackson management

Palmer Jackson Inc (Cincinnati Ohio) has developed a new line of sports beverages which have the added benefit of antioxidants. They have developed several elements of their brand strategy with your agency Accuity Brands which is a branding consultancy, where you are a marketing strategy specialist. They have also hired Marketing Studies Incorporated, a well respected marketing research firm, to work with the management team.
P&J are faced with several primary marketing strategy decisions:

[...] Promotion The campaign we want to launch for the new line of products seeks to distinguish ?Green from its rivals by promoting its antioxidant content. The promotion will be designed, firstly to drive awareness of Green Ox and its key point of differentiation: antioxidants. To this end, we will use advertising for education. A website will be created which will five all the information about the products and their benefits for health and physical conditioning. The whole campaign will emphasize our competitive advantage. Because of its antioxidant content, Green Ox is a functional drink that is truly different from its competitors. [...]

[...] Price Regarding the prices of the products of our main competitors, and the cost of a 20-ounce bottle of our product; we believe that our retail price should be $ The production of Green Ox is indeed much more expensive than other sports drinks because of the added cost of the antioxidants; therefore the cost is about $ We cannot lower the retail price, because otherwise the company will not make enough margins on its products. Pricing the product above $ 0.79 will lead us to compete directly with the market leader Croc-Ade but with a new and non established product. [...]

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