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Head & Shoulders: A Comprehensive Look at Consumer Behaviour

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  1. Executive Summary
    1. Key findings
    2. Marketing recommendations
  2. Project objectives
  3. Methodology
    1. Secondary data
    2. Primary data
  4. Attitude formation and change chart
  5. Fishbein model
    1. Analysing the Fishbein Equation
  6. Means end chain
    1. Concrete attributes
    2. Abstract attributes
    3. Functional consequence
    4. Psychological consequence
  7. Consumer decision process model
    1. Problem recognition
    2. Information search and evaluation
    3. Purchasing process
    4. Post purchase behaviour
  8. Conditioning
    1. Classical conditioning
    2. Instrumental conditioning
    3. Vicarious learning
  9. Marketing recommendations
    1. Product range
    2. Promotional activities
  10. Conclusion
  11. Appendices
  12. Bibliography and references

This report provides an analysis and evaluation of Procter & Gamble's hair care line, Head & Shoulders. With Head & Shoulders new marketing campaign, this report analyses the effectiveness of this campaign in comparison to the ever growing competition of other anti-dandruff hair care products in the United Kingdom (UK). The report also provides recommendations for increasing awareness of the Head & Shoulders brand and how it could stand out among competitors.

The research draws attention to the fact that Head & Shoulders is a low involvement product that deals with a problem (anti-dandruff) that is embarrassing for consumers. In the focus groups held for the analysis, 75% of participants answered Head & Shoulders when first asked ?if you were looking to buy an anti-dandruff shampoo, which brand would you purchase?? (Weiss, 2006). It was also found that in comparison to three other popular anti-dandruff brands, Head & Shoulders ranked the highest among consumers surveyed. They were also rated the highest on the two most important attributes of shampoo products: ?End result' and ?Accessibility' (Kavanagh, 2006).

In addition, Head & Shoulders is easily identified by consumers in terms of physical attributes and function of the product. Plus, 90% of one of the focus groups had a positive impression for Head & Shoulders products (Nathanson, 2006). Further investigations revealed that the positive impression left on consumers is supported by different promotions in stores and only somewhat by the new Head & Shoulders spokesperson, American actress Kristin Davis.

[...] Concerning anti-dandruff shampoos, L'Oreal did one very interesting cross-promotion for its Elvive anti- dandruff 2-in-1 that could be imitated by Head & Shoulders to invite consumers to try other Procter & Gamble brands operating in different market sectors: for each Elvive anti-dandruff product bought, there was a free L'Oreal Men expert product banded to it. They considered that men were more likely to use anti-dandruff and two-in-one shampoos, and that this promotion could potentially bring new users for L'Oreal into the men skincare's category (Anon, 2005). [...]

[...] It is possible that, through this association, Head & Shoulders is projected to change its image from a medicated product to a beauty/cosmetic product that makes consumers glamorous. Concluding, it can be said that shampoos consumers are conditioned in many ways but need efficient reinforcement in that they are most of the time not very loyal. The effectiveness of Kristin Davis and other Head & Shoulders marketing tools are discussed further in Appendix Marketing Recommendations 10.1 Product Range Head & Shoulders has a limited range of hair care products in comparison to other highly tailored hair care brands. [...]

[...] The model can be found in Appendix Problem Recognition: Current Actual State: has dandruff Desired State: to be dandruff free and not worry about the flakes on hair and clothes Anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners, like Head & Shoulders, tends to fall into the limited decision making category, since it ?involves recognizing a problem for which there are several possible solutions [but] there is internal and limited amount of external research? (Hawkins et al p.503). The types of information searches are discussed in the next section. [...]

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