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In this case, we will consider the servuction process in a restaurant. The restaurant we are studying is not a classic restaurant. It is part of a chain which implies a degree of standardization of the offers, and the recognition of the sign among the public. This represents a strong competitive advantage.

The goal of the restaurant is to respect the rules imposed by the group, attract more customers to increase turnover, and make sure to maintain the image of the brand. History and figures: The restaurant chain Hippopotamus was founded in the 70s.

It drew on a concept that was then in vogue in the United States; that of a restaurant based on the theme of meat. Its real name is "Restaurant-Grill". In the 90's the chain incorporated a multinational Group Flo SA. Today, the group has a payroll of about 2000 employees in the 69 restaurants located in France.

These work either by network, or as a franchise. Since 2003 Hippopotamus restaurants have increased their turnover by more than 7%. Its service offer: We will study the concept of the restaurant in much more detail in this study. The aim is to offer all kinds of meat on menus.

It is within the range of restaurants "cheap", one level higher than fast food chains that are still among their competitors. The price range is between 10 and 30 euros, which is reasonable because the product's quality and the service is still neat.

The restaurants 'Hippo' are generally located near cinemas, sometimes even included in the buildings of large theaters. This is the case of the Valentine Hippopotamus restaurant, the hours are suitable for film showings, and there are package deals with cinema.

Thus the customer of this restaurant is great after the cinema. This makes them eligible for parking. Marseille, including road map, there are three Hippopotamus restaurant, two are located close to cinemas and shopping malls and the third is located on the old port, a strategic place because there are lots of way but a lot of competition.

Hippopotamus enjoys strong brand equity. The brand has long been established and it communicates a lot about the quality of its meat. Its mascot, the little hippo, symbolizes friendliness and generosity this in restaurants. The brand communicates through it with humor and impertinence in its advertising campaigns. It represents a strong identifier of the sign.

The restaurant on the hippopotamus Valentine, there is a direct competitor, there is a grill restaurant also located in the walls of the film and providing a map and a very similar price range. This restaurant does not have any time part of a chain and thus does not enjoy the recognition and consumer confidence. The brand represents the highlight of the Hippopotamus restaurant.

It may also include fast food nearby but it requires the client to resume his car to go to the cinema these restaurants. The competition is on price; lower than for Hippopotamus but the service is quite different.

These elements can then locate the overall context of the establishment, we will focus in this study on the marketing servuction the restaurant and the service offering it provides.

Tags: services in restaurants, Hippopotamus chain of restaurants, concepts of restaurants

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