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Integrated marketing communication strategy: Andros "fruits pressés" case (2007)

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  1. Situation analysis
    1. General information
    2. Internal analysis
  2. External analysis/Market
  3. Swot analysis
  4. Identification of marketing problem or opportunity
  5. Marketing objective and brand positioning
    1. Marketing objectives
    2. Brand positioning
  6. Campaign budget
  7. Campaign target audience selection and action objectives
    1. Target audience delineation by brand loyalty
    2. Action objectives
    3. Creative target
  8. Behavioral sequence model
  9. Campaign communication objectives
  10. Imc strategy
    1. Corporate identity program
    2. Public Relation
    3. Sampling (free sample)
  11. Media strategy
    1. Media type selection & reach pattern
    2. Media plan schedule
  12. Campaign management

The Andros Company is a French society specialized in the process of transformation of fruits and fresh milk products. Andros owned several brands, such as Bonne Maman, and Mamie Nova. Andros is also present on the confectionary market through its brand "Pierrot Gourmand". Fruit juices represent the first non-alcoholic beverages market in France, before cola products. In fact, from 1996 to 2006, this dynamic market has been growing by 2.6% per year. In 2006, the French juices market reached 1.6 Billion Euros. By performing a SWOT analysis, we can infer that Andros have a lack of brand awareness concerning the fruit juices despite a strong one with the compotes. Indeed, everybody in France knows the advertisement for Andros is popular with its slogan "Andros, Andros, ça c'est fort de fruit".

[...] Currently, Andros has a strategy of and there is not a lot of communication, no publication of annual report, and no communication about their process of working. The need to set up a proactive MPR (marketing public relations) in order to match our marketing objectives is important. Andros has to communicate on several aspects: The process of selection of the fruits: Health conscious consumers want to know from where the fruits are purchased, in order to evaluate the quality of the product. [...]

[...] SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses New process of pasteurization: High Price flash pasteurization followed by Low or No advertising rapid cooling Low product awareness High Brand Awareness (Andros is Fast consumption needed once opened well known in the market) High perceived quality of the brand Natural (100% fruit juice), no additional sugar Really good taste Glass bottled packaging: You can see the product French Brand Opportunities Threat Less competitors on the fresh fruit Attractive market for the juice market with the flash competitors (example of Joke who pasteurization (except Tropicana) entered the market in 2006 with Low penetration rate ( 26.3 on Vital5) fresh fruit juice market against Oligopoly overwhelmed by Tropicana for the ambient fresh juice of market share in 2006/2007) High margin Increasing health consciousness and eating habits Identification of marketing problem or opportunity According to the SWOT analysis, it is evident that Andros have a lack of brand awareness concerning the fruit juices despite holding a strong one with the compotes. [...]

[...] Andros really needs to consider the best they can and the objectives of the advertising and how they can best be met. The advertiser may spend less than necessary to achieve a sales target. Campaign target audience selection and action objectives Target audience delineation by brand loyalty We decide to focus on New Category Users first, and later, on the group of the Other Brand switchers. New Category Users: People who belong to this category buy our brand. We think that a lot of people are used to buying ambient fruit juices and do not consider buying a fresh fruit juice often. [...]

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