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International consumer behavior: India, a new line of toaster ovens

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  1. General description of toaster ovens
    1. The function of toaster ovens
    2. The target audience
    3. How toaster ovens are aquired, used and disposed
  2. The macro indian consumer picture
    1. The indian population
    2. Economics points regarding the indian consumer
    3. The indian usages in purchases
    4. The changing trends in the indian consumer behaviour
    5. The indian consumer spending behavior
  3. The micro indian consumer picture
    1. A complete line of toaster ovens
    2. Attention given to indian usage
    3. The marketing dimension mixing modern and tradition
  4. Consumer looking out perspective the use of those factors
    1. Motivation, ability and opportunity
    2. Knowledge and understanding
    3. Attitude formation and change
    4. Judgement and decision making
    5. Post decision processes
    6. Social class, households influences and psychographics
  5. Marketer looking in perspective given instructions to
    1. Sales force
    2. Advertising agency
    3. Marketing team
    4. Public relation agency

The toaster oven is an appliance that constitutes a mix between a conventional kitchen oven and a toaster. It has the weight and the height of toaster and the cooking capacities of a traditional oven. Indeed, the toaster oven is smaller than a traditional one that we generally find in most of the people's kitchens. The advantages of this appliance is the fact that it does not heat up the entire house and it cooks food very fast when you put it into function. In general, small appliances consume less energy than big ones, and this is the case for the toaster oven due to the fact that the space that needs to be heated is smaller.

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