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Launch of a masculine lingerie brand

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  1. Company information
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    1. The sexy elegant
    2. The chic sport
    3. The casual style
  3. Competitive analysis
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In the last few years, we find some new products for men. They are based on a new trend: men are taking care of themselves more than ever. Traditionally, women took care of them. Because of that, these products are copied from the women ones. Now, every man in Occidental countries does sport, wears fashion clothes, uses at least one skincare product per day. It seems that to look good is very important today. That's why, some companies try to be innovative and pioneers in some freshly created markets: those ones are makeup, UV treatment etc. But the real problem in these markets is the fact that they are too much woman-like than anything else for most men. Men's World is about producing and selling masculine lingerie for men that need to be seducing and sexy. This is different from makeup for example, because these products do not look like women ones.

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