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Loïc Raison to the States

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  1. Marketing audit
    1. The company
    2. Customers
    3. Competition
    4. Context
  2. Marketing plan
    1. Summary & Overview
    2. Marketing story
    3. Marketing mix
    4. Sales objectives
    5. Future choices
    6. Creative campaign

As an assignment of the international marketing seminar, I have chosen a French company which is producing hard cider. Because I come from Brittany, on the west coast of France, I decided to choose the specialty of my region, le cidre (hard cider). This alcoholic beverage is a specialty of the west part of France, including the two regions of Brittany and Normandy, the two biggest hard cider producers in the country. For the choice of a company, I will take the leader brand of France 'Loïc Raison'. This brand comes from Ille et Vilaine, the eastern part of Brittany. With 22% of market share in France, this brand is number one and best known in the country. Moreover, I have to say that I have chosen this company because I live less than 20 kilometers from its headquarters. So there is a kind of pride of talking about this company.

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