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Market study - International competitiveness: Porsche

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  1. Introduction
    1. Summary of the case study
    2. History
    3. Porsche target
    4. Porsche sales profile over the years
    5. Porsche's competition
    6. Future international market selection
    7. Mission
    8. Vision
    9. Values
    10. Goals
    11. Problem statement and hypothesis
    12. Target customers and their needs
  2. Macro-analysis - PESTEL analysis of Porsche's group
  3. Micro-analysis - Value chain analysis (competitive triangle benchmarking)
  4. Value chain analysis - Competition in an industry (Porter's five forces)
  5. Macro-analysis of the company's environment (SWOT)
  6. Portfolio analysis of Porsche
  7. Evaluating relative competitive strength
  8. Evaluating market attractiveness
  9. Case study questions

Porsche sales profile over the years - Porsche sales have been stable until 2009 when it drops to then reach its peak in 2011; - In 2011, Porsche most sold model was Cayenne (about 60 thousand units), followed by Panamera (28 thousand units), 911 (18 thousand units) and Boxster and Cayman (11 thousand units). - US is the country with more Porsche cars sold (~30 thousand units) being Cayenne the most sold car. Following the USA, it's China with 24 thousand cars sold with Cayenne still being the most sold model... Future international market selection To select the new car markets that Porsche wants to enter they focus their attention on the most attractive international markets using the % of millionaires and the population density has criteria. Mission To look ahead and become more efficient, by focusing on the development, production and sale of highly emotive premium sports cars that inspire our customers around the globe.

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