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Marketing a new artist in the independent music industry

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  1. Situation analysis
    1. Market summary
    2. Market demographics
    3. Market needs
    4. Market trends
    5. SWOT analysis
    6. Competition
    7. Services
    8. Keys to success
    9. Critical issues
  2. Overall marketing strategy
    1. The molding of an artist
    2. Generating exposure for a new artist
  3. Pricing
  4. Sales tactics
  5. Advertising promotion
  6. Distribution

Insane Records is a company founded on taking local unknown artists and molding them into future stars. This company is lead by a fellow independent artist on the rise to stardom.

Artists who are looking for that extra push in marketing and distribution can submit a demo and be considered for a position on the label as an artist via contract. The goal of Insane Records is to be the leading independent music label in the South and later we want to tackle every coast. Being that the label was founded by an independent artist on the move; every artist is treated and handled correctly from firsthand knowledge and experience.

The founder of Insane Records, Trivell ?Mista' T? Thomas, has years of experience in the independent market. He has released four independent albums and performed at many venues throughout the southern region. He has a very sound business mind and has always handled various business situations ethically.

[...] An ear for good music and an eye for great talent Critical Issues As a small company in a flood of other music companies, it is harder for us to gain notoriety, but with proper guidance and a strong marketing strategy we should grow at a steady pace Overall Marketing Strategy The goal of a music company is to have as many successful artists as possible, but as an independent company your goal is just to get your artist some recognition. [...]

[...] The results after the artist breaks through into the mainstream are sometimes worth the wait. Hopefully, after an independent artist reaches a little success, it allows more capital to be pulled in Advertising Promotion In advertising an independent artist, a company should have their artist perform showcases and there should be street teams doing majority of the street promotions. If you have a good working street team that can relate to the people, the artist should have an easier time building up their name. As an independent company, [...]

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