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Marketing analysis of Oreo

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  1. Market size and structure
    1. Current market size and structure
    2. Past market evolution
    3. Future market evolution
  2. The company
    1. Company's current situation and recent history
    2. Main features of company's overall strategy
    3. Strategic place of product/service
  3. Competition
    1. Identification of main competitors
    2. Market position of each competitor
  4. Customers
    1. Overall customer profile
    2. Customer market segments
  5. Company brand positioning
    1. Product / service value offering
    2. Company's position toward its competitors
  6. Marketing mix
    1. Product / service policy
    2. Pricing policy
    3. Distribution policy
    4. Communication policy

Everyone has a special Oreo story.
Nowadays, every person has heard about the Oreo cookies, thanks to the word of mouth and the different ways of advertising through TV, magazines, internet etc.

There are many theories pointing to the origin of the name ?Oreo'.
Indeed, it was taken from the French word ?or' meaning GOLD.
But it also came from the Greek word ?Oros' meaning mountain or even the Greek word ?Oreo' meaning beautiful or nice.
Other theories are that the?re' from cream was ?sandwiched- between the two Os from chocolate, or the word 'just seemed nice and a melodic combination of sounds'.
After an important increase of its sales all around the world, today, Oreos cookies are the most sold cookies in the United States. That's why everyone has a special place with Oreo.
During this report, we are going to analyse the history of the product from a marketing point of view:

At the beginning, we will focus on the internal point of view with the analysis of the global market of the company and the company itself.

Then, we'll develop the external analysis of the company which includes the competitors, the customers and the company's brand positioning.

Finally, we'll underline the important points of the Marketing Mix of our product.
So now?

[...] In a pessimistic future Oreo will be overwhelmed by different kinds of innovative competitors who will better respond to the customers needs concerning health. In an optimistic future Nabisco will react against the decrease of sales by continuing to promote Oreo through contests. Nabisco has all the assets to develop new strategies to adapt its products to the market expectation. IV. The company A. Current situation and recent history Kraft is a group composed of several companies whose products are present in more than 99% of US households. [...]

[...] The first Oreo cookie looked very similar to the Oreo cookie of today, with only a slight difference in the design on the chocolate disks. By the end of the 1960s, Nabisco was the leading manufacturer of crackers and cookies not only in the United States, but in Canada, France, and the Scandinavian countries, and was a major supplier to many other European and South American countries. Nabisco sales reached the billion mark for the first time in 1971, and the billion mark only five years later. [...]

[...] Customer market segments With the slogan, ?America's favorite cookies?, Oreo aims to reach all kind of segments. The most important and influential market segments are the children and teenagers. But there is special emphasis on young children as we can see in their famous advertisement for Christmas which proved that the main target segment are children, because Santa Claus eats all the Oreo cookies that the children have prepared for him. Then, men are another important part of the Oreo's customers because they like it and Oreo reminds them of their childhood days. [...]

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