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Marketing controversies: Music industry

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  1. Introduction
  2. Music industry analysis
    1. International music market
    2. External analysis
  3. Client understanding
  4. Branding & positioning
  5. Rankings, and stake holders
  6. Rankings and reactivity
  7. Conclusion

In order to apply marketing analysis tools in a different way, we decided to choose the Music Industry. It is one very different market regarding classic FMCG goods market, but in some ways, it is also not so far. We tried here to capture the essence of this market by differentiating artistic value, which we cannot judge with marketing performances and strategies. To have a wild angle we first made some research and put together an external analysis than we studied the market the customers, the brands and performance measurement tools.

Music is an intentional modern industry, and we think it is hardly possible to continue without some research about the industry worldwide, and especially in the US. People are willing to pay more to see a concert than they did before. This is due to the fact that people do not necessarily buy or download an artist's CD, and might be more willing to go see the artist in live instead. That this one of the reasons that explains the fact the number of music concerts has risen, and so did the number of people often agreeing to pay more and more to see music performed, and merchandizing.

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