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Marketing of Miller Lite

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  1. Return on Miller's success
    1. Miller presentation
    2. Miller and the light beer market
    3. What about Anheuser Busch?
    4. The launch of Bud Light
    5. A new approach of Miller's communication
  2. The recovery of Miller and the comeback of Miller Lite
    1. A new brand
    2. A marketing challenge : 'Catfight campaign'
    3. The real goal of the campaign
    4. Two brands, two different strategies
  3. Is beer war back?
    1. The role of advertising
    2. Miller's new attack
  4. The current situation
    1. A better beer market
    2. SAB Miller positioning
    3. SAB Miller portfolio businesses

Few years ago, we noticed that the main impetus for growth came from increased consumption in developing countries. However, in more established beer markets, volume growth was very slow due to increasing saturation. Subsequently, we noticed a radical change. Manufacturers were seen actively launching light beer. In that period, manufacturers began to target health conscious consumers. The major idea was to reinvent light beer and show that it could be better for consumers. However, many brewers finding their domestic markets approaching saturation point, found it necessary to expand into international markets to gain strategic geographical advantage. A large number of mergers and acquisitions were noticed in the beer market. Despite a clear trend towards consolidation, the global beer market remains highly fragmented with the top 10 producers accounting for less than 45% of total volume sales.

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