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Marketing plan for Caudalie products in Saudi Arabia

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  1. Country analysis
    1. Saudi Arabia market presentation
    2. Cosmetics market in Saudi Arabia in 2008
  2. Current marketing situation
    1. Product review
    2. Competitive review
    3. Distribution review
    4. Promotion review
  3. Swot analysis
  4. Objectives and issues
  5. Marketing strategy
    1. Positioning and targets
    2. Product strategy
    3. Pricing strategy
    4. Distribution strategy
    5. Marketing communication strategy
  6. Action plans
    1. The feedback collection
    2. Research and development
    3. Training of the sale force

Caudalie, founded in 1993 by two people: Mathilde Bernard Thomas and Professor Vercauteren, features products made from grape pips (from wine producer: Laffite), which are considered to be highly beneficial for the skin. Two years later, the duo launched their first range of products. Keeping in mind the quality of this innovation in the market and with the help of an organized strategy, they decided to limit the number of products in order to prevent the market from being saturated.
Ten years down the lane, the company had introduced 35 products and 7 different types of oil under this brand. With a 180 employee strong workforce around the world, this brand was recognized in 25 countries.

In France, this brand is known for its anti-wrinkle products and is ranked third with respect to sales in pharmacy. With its 10 subsidiary companies in the world, its sales has increase by 30% annually and generate a turnover close to 60 million euros. The products are known for the originality of its components and positive feedbacks from the consumers.

Saudi Arabia represents almost four fifth of the Arabian Peninsula and more than a quarter of the oil reserves of the world; it occupies a powerful position at the global level with respect to the world energy.

Though it is a country which boasts almost all major brands on its market, Caudalie is virtually unknown here. Saudi Arabia remains a mystery to the West as the traditions and the behavior codes required of a company remains rigorously religious and faithful to society values.

Even if it comes across as a market subscribing to very different values, Saudi Arabia presents positive indicators which permit the companies to realize huge opportunities encouraged by the regulation changes.

Caudalie continues to progress in America, Europe and Asia and intends to augment its sales by introducing its current products in new markets in Middle East. With the help of Ansoff matrix, Caudalie can adopt a market development strategy.

With the help of Coface and Ducroire groups, the political and the economical prospects of the brand are characterized by a number of drawbacks. A relative volatility of the business environment can affect the behaviors of payment. Coface rating gives the brand an ?A? to Saudi Arabia and a ?B? for the Saudi business environment.

Saudi Arabia, in spite of its weaknesses, will have to necessarily overcome these shortcomings to consolidate sustainable development and constitute one of the most significant markets in the Middle East on short and long terms. Oil profits enable the country to mobilize financings of proportions inaccessible in many countries around the world.

It appears that the current tensions in the region with respect to the internal situation, the political and economic stability of the kingdom would have an impact.

Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy and is controlled by the Saud family. The constitution of the country is based on Koran and Sunna. No demonstration of another religion is accepted and those who express a different opinion are declared apostates and are liable to the death penalty.

The process of political expansion in the Kingdom is accompanied by an economic reform program, one which has been formulated to counter a high unemployment rate (between 10% and 16% according to the estimates). An objective is maintained towards the reorganization of the economy in an extremely favorable context, which is the link to the high pricing of the barrel of petrol. The main areas are:
-The diversification of the resources,
-The ?saudization of employment?,
-The liberalization and acceptance in the global economy (with accession to the World Trade Organization in December 2005),
-The foreign investments call
-The tourism market development
-The company privatization campaigns.

The Saudi economy remains heavily dependent on the oil sector (30% of the GDP, nearly 90% to exports and 75% of the budget revenue). Saudi Arabia is the leader of the oil market and is the leading oil supplier of USA.

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[...] The forwarding of samples is a simple and effective way to sensitize the customers SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Leader Price: Caudalie is the leader in the niche The prices of some Caudalie market with respect to vinotherapy products are not justified for some people; they feel it is too The Caudalie offer expensive. Caudalie's products provide complete and complementary offers The raw material to consumers. Grape pips from Laffite wine producer are only available in Research and development Bordeaux and this is a major Caudalie allocates 10% of its constraint for Caudalie as it turnover to the R&D department. [...]

[...] Contents EXPECTATIONS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Country analysis Saudi Arabia market presentation Saudi Arabia identity card in Country risk Political Economical Social Legal Cosmetics market in Saudi Arabia in The perfume market in Arabia Saudi Cosmetics, engine of growth of the sector Current marketing situation Product review Raw material innovation Product ranges Packaging as an important communication area Competitive review Principal competitors of Caudalie Direct product competitors of Caudalie Distribution review Drugstore distribution Internet distribution Selective distribution Promotion review Communication: A natural product positioning Sale force and formation strategy Loyalty strategy The sample strategy 19 3.SWOT Analysis 25 4.Objectives and issues 28 5.Marketing strategy Positioning and targets Positioning Targets Product strategy Product selection Product packaging Pricing strategy Distribution strategy Subsidiary issue Export issue Where to sale Caudalie products Marketing communication strategy Advertising campaign Magazines Exhibition Action plans The feedback collection Research and development Training of the sale force 32 BIBLIOGRAPHY APPENDICES Saudi Arabia Map The Gulf Cooperation Council Caudalie product ranges, products details and prices Caudalie patents Competitor products line comparison Cosmetic Saudi agent's suggestions 1. [...]

[...] Appendix 1 Saudi Arabia Map Appendix 2 The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Map Appendix 3 CAUDALIE product ranges, product details and prices Range Name Goals Product names In US $ to a radiant complexion. Cleanser Foaming Cleanser Cream Smooth the appearance Concentrate of wrinkles and fine lines, reduce oxidative stress. Caudalie's energizing and anti-oxidant phyto-aromatic formula. Patented anti-oxidant grape-seed polyphenols. Energizing ginger, ginseng, echinacea, and royal jelly. and Lips FOR DRY SKIN wrinkles Concentrate Caudalie's nourishing and anti-oxidant phyto-aromatic formula. [...]

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