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Marketing Plan for Lora Hart Stress Consultant

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  1. Swot analysis
    1. Opportunities and Threats
    2. Strengths and Weaknesses
  2. Develop Strategies and evaluate strategies
  3. Strategy Evaluation
  4. Select the best strategy or strategies
  5. Implementation or tactical plan

Proposal for firm's mission statement: To provide quality consulting and life-balancing programs and initiatives to law enforcement agencies and individuals in order to help them achieve their career objectives in a healthy manner and environment.
After a careful analysis of your experiences, skills, and preferences, we propose that you start a United Kingdom based consulting business that specializes in alleviating stress and creating more life-balance in the lives of law enforcement officers. Those included in your target market will include police officers and prison guards, which rank amongst the most stressful jobs in the United Kingdom.
We believe that your education and experiences in stress management would be highly suitable to serve the needs of law enforcement organizations

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