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Organic clothing: a change in behaviour - analysis of marketing campaigns

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  1. Edun
  2. Organic consumers association
  3. Zara
  4. Levi's
  5. The implications of the campaigns

As consumers become more concerned about the social, environmental and ethical impact of their decisions and actions, the consumer behaviour has changed dramatically (Ramberg, 2007). Consumers has started to accept and purchase organically made clothes, thanks to the campaign of eco-friendly companies like Edun as well as major players such as Zara and Levi's and the non-profit entity Organic Consumer Association. As a result, organic clothes have been able achieve high sales, and purchasing eco-friendly clothes has become trendier and more mainstream (Ramberg, 2007).

In the following section, the involvement of those companies in raising awareness of organic clothing will be analysed.

[...] Zara carried out this by maintaining its designs and creating a specific modern line for its organic clothes (see appendix 11). Accessories and clothing are made from substitute textiles, such as organic and recycled materials that are guilt- free and eco-friendly. Zara targets middle-aged and young women interested in progressive and sustainable ways of life through focusing on not only good design and quality; but also on low prices (organic t-shirts were priced at 14.90 ) (Saxon, 2009). The company's goal is to provide mainstream organic clothes at affordable prices. [...]

[...] Accessed on 27 May 2009. Accessed from n.htm. Youtube Zara Organic Cotton. Accessed on 06/05/09. Accessed from: Appendices Appendix 1 Edun Live Organic T-Shirts (Source: Edun Live (2009), ?Edun Live Store?.) Appendix 2 Endorsement by Musicians and in Live Events (Source : Edun Live (2009), ?Music/Culture) Appendix 3 Edun Live On Campus Logo (Source : Edun Live On Campus (2009), Appendix 4 One of Edun Live On Campus Activities In Miami University (Source: Social Edge (2008)) Appendix 5 Clothes for A [...]

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