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Plan marketing : Caroll

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  1. Mission statement of Caroll
  2. Analyse of today Caroll's situation
    1. Historic
    2. Caroll's values and 4 P's
  3. Analyse of the chinese overall market
    1. Political and legal environment
    2. Economical environment
    3. Social and cultural environment
    4. Technological environment
  4. The chinese retail clothing market
    1. The consumer potential market
    2. The competition and growth on the chinese clothing market
  5. The SWOT analysis
    1. Strong
    2. Weaknesses
    3. Opportunity
    4. Threats
  6. The Caroll's strategy versus the chinese market
    1. The 3 values
    2. The Ansoff's matrix
    3. The Caroll's 7 P's

China represents today the most important potential market for all companies, from small to large ones. First, China is the hugest market in terms of inhabitants, and also in terms of economic growth as it has attained in less than 20 years, the fourth economic place in the world. For Caroll the market size, the executive women from the middle class, is approaching 4 million people only in the main cities on the eastern Chinese coast. Penetrating into the Chinese market for a brand like Caroll is not as easy at it seems. The legal environment can be hard to face, the brand will need a legal or some legal partners to set up a subsidiary in China. In terms of products, the brand will need to check the market, and realize the necessary surveys on consumers and trends, previous to and after its launch. In addition, a partnership with a local communication agency will not be much. Caroll will also have to adapt the core aspect of their products, such as, their sizes, their price, their colours in order to answer to the market trends; the location that the brand will choose is also crucial, as in China the location can make all the difference. This report will go over all the aspects that Caroll needs to take into consideration. In order to be more efficient, some special marketing tools will be used in the report.

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