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Sephora Men

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  1. Presentation of the company
  2. Study Analysis - Collecting Data
    1. Business related issue
    2. Time and report frame
    3. Sample size and frame of the survey
  3. The questionnaire
  4. Exploring data
    1. How old are you?
    2. Do you thing Sephora's interiors are attractive for men?
    3. Are you satisfied with the products range Sephora offers you?
    4. What is your average spending when you come to a Sephora shop?
    5. Are you satisfied of Sephora's employee's advices and professionalism?
    6. How often do you come to Sephora?
    7. What is your overall satisfaction level to Sephora?
    8. Are you loyal to Sephora?
  5. Describing statistics
  6. Testing data

In the current scenario, worklife has become stressful. Indeed, the business is getting competitive and difficult to deal with, owing to globalization and multi cultural approahces along with the development of the entrepreneurial spirit and the fact that monopoles are now very rare, as costs and competition enable the development of wide ranges of products in different countries. Proactiveness is become an inevitable factor in today's world, in order to create original products and services and overcome the threats posed by competition. In order to differentiate themselves from their competitors, companies use quantitative and qualitative researches, so that they can know exactly their consumer's needs, wills and expectations and also to see why they are interested in that product, why they would be faithful to it and what they would like to change about the product. In this case study we will focus on the company Sephora, (a cosmetics and beauty products retailer) and concentrate more on its male customers in order to see if proposing a wider range of products for men would be interesting for the company and highlight the range of products that are most successful and appealing to them.

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