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Shoes innovation: a new opportunity for the shoes' market

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  1. Company/strategic business unit background
    1. Swot analysis
    2. Vision, mission and corporate/strategic business unit objectives
    3. Portofolio analysis
    4. Growth/declining potential of current products
  2. The steps of new product development
    1. Assembling knowledge and generating ideas
    2. Assembling knowledge and generating business opportunities
    3. Product concept generation
    4. Development of product prototype
    5. Market testing
  3. Recommendations
    1. Strategic triangle
    2. 4Ps

After conducting some researches we decided to work on the sportswear shoes sector as we found that there were real opportunities to innovate in this sector along with the other reasons which we will explain further in this report. We could define our product as a new product line since we want to create an additional value to the existing products, rather than replacing them. Nowadays appearance is really important in our society and often people judge the others by their clothes. That is why lots of consumers want to be fashion. The vision of our product is simple: Be unique. To manage it we think to create a new model of shoes. To succeed in our project, we think to propose our new innovation to Converse Shoes Company for many reasons. Doing this, they will be able to enlarge their target once they have available lots of designs for the same shoe (more sober VS extravagant). Our vision, as referred above, is to be unique and find your own style.

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