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Strategic analysis of Porsche

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  1. Porsches new turn strategy
    1. A living tradition
    2. A world-wide synonym of sports cars
    3. Present situation ? Porsche in numbers
    4. A strategic profile
  2. An out-standing opportunity
    1. Porsche Value chain
    2. Primary Value Chain Activities
    3. Competitors
    4. Mapping: Federations of Porsche in the World
  3. Porsche and Volkswagen, not only a German merger
    1. Porsche and Volkswagen, a long story
    2. An excellent position for the future
    3. From the cooperation to the merger
    4. A risked merger or great merger
    5. TOWS matrix
  4. A key consultant in the Automobile industry
    1. Porsche, an all-domain presence
    2. Porsche, as a consultant in the auto industry

How profitable an automotive manufacturer is, mainly depends on how he can use his production facilities to full capacity. Examples of manufacturers, who are unable to do so, are Opel or Volkswagen, where overproduction leads to small profit margins. The strategy of Porsche is the opposite. Porsche differs from its competitors in having a high margin and no variation of production capacity or storage. It is also closed to external production suppliers, has low costs of fabrication, high demand, smart communication strategy and so on. In the beginning of 2008, Porsche satisfied 100 000 clients with only 4 models of cars.
Porsche has faced some difficulties in the United States (decrease of 20% of sales with only 14 500 cars sold), but its growth is increasing in Russia, China and Europe. Despite the crisis, Porsche seems to be the strongest car builder in the world. Partnerships help Porsche to maintain its great position.

[...] The comparison is made on the European automobile market A strategic profile 2 Mission Statement: are committed to providing impeccable service to our demanding clientele of premium cars.? our customers the greatest possible attention and care in all aspects of the business.? create a connection in the workplace, with shared passion for our vision and goals.? have motivated, hard working and empowered employees.? ?Maintain commitment to our corporate social responsibility.? 3 Vision Statement: ?Look towards the future with the knowledge of our past? ?Passion- our commitment involves our heart and mind to develop our company further with time.? ?Leadership- the courage to shape a better future and be flexible and proactive.? ?Innovation- we search, we imagine, we create, we delight but at the same time honor and protect the traditions and policies of our franchises.? vision for the future is to represent both volume and premium brands and be the number one company in terms of after-sales and customer service.? 4 Values: Responsibility: responsibility is care for our customers and value our employees, and to be sensitive towards social and environmental issues.? Trust: ?Work hard daily to build mutual trust with our colleagues and partners.? Teamwork: ?Respecting and valuing our employees and creating a positive work environment.? Strong growth, solid benefit: For years Porsche has been driving on the fast track. [...]

[...] The policy of Porsche is to manufacture special cars with competitors. Specific segments car of Porsche have better profitability than the competitors, because these segments are created by Porsche. All the competitors have difficulty achieving a good position on Porsche's segment. Moreover, this firm has a category of buyers, and there are regular customers who are ready to pay the price of a Porsche car. Everybody keeps in mind that Porsche cars denote luxury, and they have a beautiful standing. [...]

[...] A key consultant in the Automobile industry 2 Porsche, an all-domain presence The Porsche Group is declining in five domains: Porsche consulting: Porsche Consulting helps companies shape their processes more efficiently in the areas of development, purchasing, production/logistics and sales Porsche Engineering: Porsche Engineering offers development services and expertise in Porsche quality to its customers throughout the world Mieschke Hofmann und Partner: Mieschke Hofmann und Partner (MHP) is a leading process and IT consultancy firm in Germany Porsche Supplier: As a Porsche tier-1 supplier, it is here that one can find a large number of useful information Porsche Financial services: Porsche Financial service is a one-stop shop for financial services: uncomplicated, fast and reliable. [...]

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