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Strategic Intelligence Report - NSW, Australia

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  1. NSW current mission / strategy analysis
  2. Customer intelligence
  3. Product/Service Offerings
  4. Marketing strategy
  5. Competitive intelligence
  6. Knowledge management
  7. Major problems and challenges

NSW boasts exceptionally diverse and preserved natural and cultural tourism potentials. This is a valuable asset that must be maintained and protected so that in the long term it may contribute to the development of tourism. Tourism needs to become one of the basic generators of development. Even though NSW has achieved real success in tourism, it has faced a small but constant decline in the number of visitors for the last few years. Therefore, in order to increase the economic benefits of tourism, NSW has developed a tourism strategy, ?Towards 2020 Masterplan', that is focused on sustainable development. Its orientation is towards such forms of tourism which will create added value to all those who engage in the tourism trade. The aim of this strategy is to create a framework designed for the development of high quality, modern, and innovative tourism supply, that will increase the competitiveness of NSW tourism in markets where there is demand, and have capital waiting to be invested. The ultimate goal is to put NSW on the tourist map as one of the market leaders in the AsiaPacific.

[...] Attracts mostly domestic vacationers from NSW, Victoria and capital territory during the winter season. Heart of Country: enable visitors to meet the locals and sample the country lifestyle. This zone proposes national parks, pioneer­ era history, a calendar of cultural events, and is peppered throughout with museums and galleries Marketing Strategy Within Australia, Tourism NSW conducts advertising campaigns for each zone described above and provides to its visitors many useful tools such as the Holiday planning guides, offering information about the region, accommodations, attractions, events, etc. [...]

[...] Total expenditure: 22.9 billion Domestic overnight visitors spent 12.5 billion ( of total expenditure) International: 5.6 billion ( of total expenditure) Domestic daytrip visitors spent 4.8 billion of total expenditure) Attributes Natural beauty, local communities, heritage Benefits Proximity to diverse experiences and landscape connection Personality/Values Charming and individual/Genuine & welcoming 2 Customer Intelligence International Market Domestic market Tourism NSW segments its travele rs in 5 types of holiday mindset defined from two research projects (2000 See Australia & 2004 Roy Morgan research). [...]

[...] Demographical challenge: the Australian population is ageing (by 2050, prediction says that around a quarter of the population in Australia will be over 65 years.). This trend, due to a large generation of Baby Boomers, will progressively impact the tourism market, making bigger the market share dedicated to people aged of 65+. The way Baby Boomers use their time and money when they retire will affect the domestic tourism industry and is an important consideration for the industry. Strategic Recommendations Economic issue: due to the economic downturn, the Aussie dollar weakened compared to other currencies. [...]

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