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Study of Chanel No. 5 and its positioning, history, ranges and competition

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  1. Overview of Chanel
  2. Key dates
  3. The various flavors of Chanel's perfumes
    1. For women
    2. For men
  4. Main competitors
    1. Large international groups of perfumery
    2. Rankings of best selling perfumes

Gabrielle ?Coco' Chanel's iconic brand needs no introduction. Six letters in black or white that possess the magical power to transport us to the land of femininity, elegance, luxury and sophistication with the inevitable French touch. In this case, it becomes impossible to separate the brand Chanel from the Chanel woman.

Chanel, a truly iconic brand and specifically an iconic French band, embodies luxury and has managed to conquer the world through the diversity and originality of its products. Indeed, Chanel is reputed for its ready-to-wear fashion, accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics. Chanel is also and foremost a family business owned by the Wertheimers.

This document will record the relevance of Chanel No. 5 in the burgeoning portfolio of the brand and its journey dating back from its creation to present day. Subsequently, we will focus on the various perfumes produced by Chanel and analyze the brand's standing in relation to its many competitors.

Chanel's global reputation belies the fact that the brand is a privately held concern by Alan Wertheimer and Gerard Wertheimer. Such a private ownership is truly remarkable considering the almost legendary presence the brand enjoys across the globe. With reputed names including No. 5, No. 19, Coco, Cristalle, Egoiste, the company which also owns Ungaro perfumes, is the sixth best selling perfume company internationally and fourth on French soil after L'Oreal, LVMH and Elf Aquitaine.

Company : Limited liability company with capital of 80.2 million euros.
Activities: Manufacture and sale of perfumes, ready-to-wear fashion, cosmetics and costume accessories.
Created: 1924.
Headquarters: 135 Avenue Charles de Gaulle

Major brands of perfumes used:
Chanel No. 5
Chanel No. 19

Principal figures:
President:Ms Françoise Montenay
Administrator:Mr. Alain Wertheimer
Financial and Administrative Director:Mr Gilles Combroet
Director:Mr Philip Mougenot
Shareholders:Chanel INC., TAIWAN BRANCH (UK) to 99%.

Key figures
Jacques Polge: the creator of Chanel perfumes.His creative work transformed the perfume wearer's perceptions of the world, he develops unique fragrances that take the wearer by surprise by the novelty of the emotions they evoke. His ultimate goal is to reach an ideal olfactory consensus that reveals the mystery of light and beauty.

Jacques Helleu: Artistic director of Chanel, tasked with the visual representation of the brand.
Karl Lagerfeld: Head designer and creative director
Nicole Kidman: Current brand ambassador for the brand's perfumes
Vanessa Paradis: Current brand ambassador for ready-to-wear fashion

From this table we can see that the brand's turnover is increasing year by year. Indeed, between 2001 and 2003, turnover increased by about 13%. We can deduce that Chanel is evolving and continues to grow from its perch in the top five largest companies in France.

Gabrielle Coco Chanel ? The only woman to rule the roost in what is normally considered a man's domain - haute couture; first woman in the world who dared to breathe life to the concept of modernity. Just like her effervescent personality, Gabrielle Chanel created a "total look" as the Americans say, that combined femininity and ease. Because it is as a liberated woman that the queen of style designs: practical, simple, elegant.

Tags: Gabrielle ?Coco' Chanel, femininity, elegance, luxury, Alan Wertheimer, Gerard Wertheimer, Coco, Cristalle, Egoiste, Chanel perfumes, Nicole Kidman, ready-to-wear fashion, Limited liability

[...] She launched her first suits made from tweed, exclusively procured from Scotland Creating an accessory shop inside the fashion house Contract with Samuel Goldwyn to dress the stars under contract with United Artists Chanel created the dresses worn by Gloria Swanson in "Tonight or Never" which was the first film in which she collaborated Chanel develops her activities by creating a accessories boutique in collaboration with Count Etienne de Beaumont and Duke Fulco di Verdura The company is at the height of its fame.The fashion house employs nearly four thousand workers and sells about twenty-eight thousand units per year worldwide With the advent of the Second World War, Coco closed down her fashion house, however, she still had her residence above her couture house in 31 rue Cambon The great comeback; Chanel reopened the 31 rue Cambon Mr. [...]

[...] The notes at its heart bloom with spices such as cloves and Cascarilla, and are associated with a variation of sweet flowers like rose baroque and jasmine. The base is warmed with notes of vanilla amber and woody sandalwood. Coco on the Western world recreates an atmosphere of amber and spice hitherto reserved to the East "(Jacques Polge). The bottle. The bottle of No was designed by Mademoiselle Chanel. To honor her, the artistic director of Chanel, Jacques Helleu, took up an idea with the same codes of gold and black, for the perfume ?Coco'. [...]

[...] With a stripped look and architecture, its transparency transcends the freshness and purity of the fragrance. Chance: The most unexpected fragrance by Chanel (2003). History. "The odds are in our lives ( . ) they arise where you least expect them." Like luck, Chanel pops up where you least expect it, with a slight scent of pink pearl, contained in a round bottle, symbolizing the circle of opportunity; "the only form that can be compared to the square of No. [...]

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