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The Apple computers and its Ipod

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  1. The LVMH group
    1. Portrait of the French leader of luxury
    2. History
    3. Overview
  2. International strategy of LVMH
    1. External growth and focus on the development of activities through organic growth
    2. A highly decentralized group: promoting synergy
    3. Geographical diversification
    4. A strategy of globalization that adapts to local aspects
    5. Selective distribution
    6. The corporate communications at LVMH
    7. A skimming strategy: towards democratization?
  3. International strategy of two brands
    1. Success: Dior
    2. Failure: Sephora
  4. Conclusion

Apple Computer is a multinational company whose main spearhead is to produce and sell computers and their operating systems. The brand is the source of many ideas that have been associated with the computer.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976, and at the launch of the Apple I, they built in their garage and sold it through word of mouth. It was the first personal computer sold at 666 dollars each. The Apple II, launched in early 1980, has sold several million copies, which brought fame to Apple. At that time, Apple adopted the colored apple logo, and the Apple II was one of the first computers to be able to display colors. The Apple II was an instant success that led to the December 12, 1980 entry of Apple stock.

This document, will cover the following: Part I: APPLE Part Two: The product "iPod Nano" and its marketing mix Part III: SWOT Matrix Tags: Apple iPod Nano, computer, concept, Microsoft, SWOT analysis, marketing mix, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, system operation, IBM, Mac, Sony, ipod, and Dell.

Gradually, the range Apple goes colorful design inspired by the iMac.The second-generation iMac was launched in 1999.
Apple is diversifying leaving in 2001 the first digital music playeriPod that will mark the beginning of the phenomenon iPod.

The brand has since opened a shop selling music online, the iTunesMusic Store (ITMS) in April 2003. This virtual store is integrated with the iTunes software and is designed as a loss leader for itscomputers and iPod digital music player.
A new iPod was released in September 2005, the iPod Nano. It replaces the iPod Mini, being seven times thinner than the first iPod.

In 1985 Microsoft launched Windows, which used many elements ofMac OS. This led to a long legal battle between Apple and Microsoft.The outcome of the trial allowed Microsoft to copy everything he wanted on the Macintosh GUI.

Then, by studying the system of IBMPC, many companies could make IBM-compatible PC. Although the first version of Windows was technologically inferior to the Macintosh,an imitation PC could be sold much cheaper. That's why, thanks to the open nature of the PC platform, there has always been more software available for Windows.

Apple would not allow other companies to sell Macintosh imitationbefore the 1990s, well after Microsoft dominated the market with its broad licensing program. Therefore, it was too late for Apple to succeed in regaining the lost market share and imitations were banned after a few years in 1998.

The iPod is an electronic device designed and marketed by Apple since 2001. It is a portable digital music player called digital mp3 player. The creator of the iPod is Tony Fadell, who had earlier proposed the idea to Philips and Real Networks.
The company released in 2005 the iPod Nano, a new version of itsmarketed product after the standard iPod 5th generation, iPod Miniand iPod Shuffle.

Apple provides a telephone support (for one incident) within 90 days of purchasing the product and provides a limited warranty of one year. In addition, Apple has set up a service, the Apple Care Protection Plan for iPod to extend your service and assistance to two years of purchase. Only the Apple Care Protection Plan is able to offer direct telephone support from Apple technical experts is the assurance that repairs of the equipment will be performed by Apple-authorized technicians.

Tags: Apple, history of the company, iPod launch and features

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