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The Dasani brand and its positioning - A case study to improve the brand image

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  1. Define the current brand situation of Dasani
    1. Bottled Water market Presentation
    2. Dasani description
  2. The importance of brand management in value creation
    1. Brand positioning and target market
    2. The Customer based brand equity model for Dasani
  3. The International Dasani Communication Mix
    1. Print Media / Billboards
    2. Internet
    3. Sponsorship
    4. Publicity / Public Relations
    5. Point of purchase advertising
    6. Trade Promotions
    7. Consumer Promotions
  4. Foreseen UK Communication Mix and Media Planning
    1. Desired Brand knowledge and main goals
    2. Our choice: keeping Dasani name
    3. Media planning
  5. Measure of current brand equity
    1. The Brand Value Chain
    2. Objectives and goals

portfolio. Successful in the United States and other parts of the world, the company has both positive and negative points. Even though Dasani is a successful brand, it is currently undergoing a difficult time with its marketing strategy and communication mix with respect to its target market. Due to the high content of bromine in the water and rather negative image of ?tap water?, consumers in the United Kingdom refused the brand's products. It has been reiterated many times that it will be impossible for Dasani to enter the UK market once more. However, as it is crucial for the brand to introduce its products to the European market, the only logical way was to improve its image in the eyes of the English consumers.

With the 2004 UK scandal, how could Dasani successfully re-launch its products in 2008 on the UK market? What were the brand values that were portrayed and how was it communicated?

To answer these questions, we will first analyze the brand's current situation and then understand the importance of brand management in value creation for Dasani. After presenting the brand, we will try to understand the communication mix implemented by the brand on an International level, which leads us to the UK scandal. We will then try to foresee a communication mix and media plan that can easily adapt to the UK market and hopefully be successful in the long run. In addition, with a new type of media plan, we will need to measure its current brand equity and the budget needed for the launch. Dasani, with a new marketing mix and its communication strategies, can enter the UK market.

We will first define the current brand situation by briefly describing the bottled water market with various marketing utilities such as mapping, a SWOT analysis and Porter's five competitive forces. Then, to understand Dasani's situation, we will describe the brand and its marketing mix.

is successful in certain places but it is failing in European countries due to the UK scandal. As for their target market, the brand is mainly focusing on the middle age women and men who are trying to have a well balanced life by having a career, building a family and being content with what they have. However, for a brand to do well in a country, it is important that Dasani target the market in the right way and at the right time and focus on its marketing mix and communication strategies. The target market and the values have to be clear so that the brand is clearly identified. To comprehend this, we have decided to examine its communication mix internationally.

The name of the brand is well-known and the brand name illustrates certain ?exotic? and ?healthy? values. In addition, the blue logo is easily recognized, which is always a positive element. The color used has a strong impact compared to the packaging of the other competitors which make the products more visible on the shelves (black color is not usually used for bottled water).

Dasani is missing out on special features and competitive advantages that differentiate the brand from its competitors. The brand is reliable because it belongs to a strong group (Coca Cola).

Tags: Dasani marketing strategy, bottled water market, Dasani UK scandal

[...] SWOT analysis Strengths Weakness Recyclable bottles - Scandal in 2004, UK: Dasani could not meet the UK quality standards : A product of the Coca-Cola The water was treated and Enterprises (CCE) considered as purified tap water The price was high compared to the Purified water which was a quality positive point for the Coca Cola High level of bromine in water group Coca-Cola tried to innovate its products and improve its image (launch a healthy product that could counteract the group's image of obesity) but it failed One of the slogans was "Treat yourself well. [...]

[...] It will also impart a positive image to the brand as Dasani is going to help two young English individuals to start a career to be successful, and also to be associated with the success ((successful image). We chose the contest and the proximity it gives as we really need to change the image of the brand and remind customers that the brand exists. We can then reinforce the new image by using celebrity endorsement (e.g. Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson) as it will bring the Dasani products closer to the soft drinks image. [...]

[...] Each actor spoke about the ?clean crisp taste' of Dasani and resorted to the most recent tagline ?Dasani - water that makes your mouth water.? The acts were original and helped consumers recognize and remember the brand name. However, some consumers had negative feelings about the product due to these acts. They thought that if the animals were fake so would be the water. The brand reminded the TV audience that water tastes better because it is not natural water but filtered municipal water which had minerals reintroduced - fake water. [...]

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