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The International Marketing Strategy Of Mc Donald's

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  1. Le concept McDonald's
    1. Le concept de standardisation
    2. Le concept marketing
  2. McDonald's : les crises et les réponses
    1. McDo dans un environnement hostile

McDonald's company is a multinational which owns more than 30,000 franchises of fast food restaurants under McDonald's brand, in 121 countries. The company also heads other brands of restaurants, as Aroma Café, Boston Market, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Donatos Pizza and Prêt À Manger. In 2001, incomes reached 14.87 billion dollars, with a 1.64 billion dollar net income. France is one of the most dynamic markets: in 2003, the figures of McDonald's France business progressed by 10 %, to reach 2.2 billion Euros. At the beginning of 2004, France had more than 1000 restaurants. In France, McDonald's welcomes more than 1.2 millions customers a day.
McDonald's is the leading global foodservice retailer serving nearly 47 million people in more than 100 countries each day. Approximately 70% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local businessmen and women.
The international marketing of McDonald's is very interesting to study because it represents a very important model that consists in providing the same offer through the world with an adaptation per country. Even if this model is sometimes questioned, it appears efficient considering the brand image of McDonald's.

[...] A strategy largely exploited by the American multinational is the promotions targeting children: the clown Ronald, the toys, spaces for play, the Happy Meal menu as well as birthday parties are made in order to satisfy children The speech of the Company The family's restaurant McDonald's proposes to its young customers a menu adapted to their age and their needs: it is composed of a hot sandwich, chips, a drink, ?cookies' and a different gift every week. Today, the families account for 49% of the customers of the restaurant. [...]

[...] Maybe it is just a new strategy not to be sued again; the company lets one think that it takes care of its consumers' health. The concept of the ?McDonald's family' is not real because the representation of the family changes from one advertisement to another; it is never the same family in the advertisements. It is supposed to represent all communities. It evolves like a family joining together during more or less a long time. McDonald's did not choose the characters of a fixed and representative family (i.e. [...]

[...] However, we are going to study the international marketing strategy of McDonald's emphasizing the concept of McDonald's, mainly with its strategy that evolves from standardization to adaptation. Then, we will focus on the different problems the company encountered and the actions it took. Concept of McDonald's At its creation, McDonald's developed a new market: ?fast food'. Since 1997, the strategy of the firm in France has evolved. At the beginning, the objective was to build a lot of restaurants to slow down the growth of its competitors. [...]

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