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The new Apple product : the iMove

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  1. Apple
    1. History of Apple brand
    2. Analyze of the brand
    3. Company objectives
  2. The market
    1. Context in which the launch will take place
    2. Porter's matrix
  3. The I-Move
    1. Description of the product
    2. CBBE model
    3. Objectives
    4. Target
    5. Positioning statement
  4. New product launch: the I-Move
    1. Marketing mix
    2. Evaluation IMC Programs
    3. Three V's model

I-Move, a new idea of a cam recorder, which involves not only the functions that an I-touch offers us but in addition the function of recording a video, plus giving you the option of uploading it immediately to the web, as long you have internet connection. I-move will let you record all those important moment and events, keeping them and sharing them your beloved ones. Apple is introducing this new concept so that we may evolve with technology. In this paper we will analyze if this product will really fit into our market, and have chose, the United States to be our first target market. This document contains specifics of the product, physically and functionally. It shows the prices range and the target market while speaking of the current problems, and shedding light on the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors. I-move is a new product that was born in an era of innovation, where people were constantly advancing with technology. The objective of I-move is to fulfill all the necessities that our generation has.

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