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The rise and the fall of the Baan Company

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  1. Pestel framework
    1. Political
    2. Economic
    3. Sociocultural
    4. Technological
    5. Environmental
    6. Legal
  2. Five forces framework
    1. The threat of entry
    2. Threat of substitutes
    3. Buyer power
    4. Supplier power
    5. Competitive rivalry
  3. Key drivers of change
  4. Key success factors
  5. Notions of the dynamics of competition
  6. Swot
  7. Layers of the business environment
  8. The life-cycle model
  9. Cycles of competition
  10. Market segmentation
  11. Strategic gap
  12. Strategic capability and competitive advantage of Baan Company
    1. Threshold capabilities
    2. Capabilities for competitive advantage
    3. Cost Efficiency
    4. The experience curve
    5. Capabilities for sustainable advantage
    6. Dynamic capabilities
    7. Organisational knowledge
  13. The value chain of Baan Company
  14. The value network of Baan Company
  15. The activity map of Baan's company
  16. The benchmarking
  17. Expectations and purposes
  18. The governance chain
  19. Corporate governance reforms
  20. Relationships with customers and clients
  21. Stakeholder mapping
  22. Sources and indicators of power
  23. Cultural context
  24. The cultural web
  25. Communicating organisational purposes

This case study focuses on the rise and fall of Baan Company which developed in the market of software technology. Baan was one of the leaders of the market in the beginning, but it crashed in 2000. Initially, Baan was especially strong with its manufacturing module, SAP with its finance module and PeopleSoft with its HRM module. Later, these differences became smaller because each company was in a continuing process of product improvement, imitation and innovation. In any case, Baan was the most visionary of the ERP vendors. It then (in the 80ss) positioned itself as a software manufacturer and gave up a part of the service sector. Contrary to the others ERP vendors, it chose to grow on the licenses market which was more volatile than the services market but the profit margins were much higher.

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