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The Smart Car entering the US Market

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  1. The current marketing situation in United States
    1. A brief frame of the USA
    2. The automobile industry
    3. The main competitors
  2. The Smart car product
    1. Launch in France
    2. The SWOT Analysis
  3. The target market
    1. The perception of consumers and non-consumers
    2. The primary and secondary target market
  4. Our positioning statement and objectives
  5. The marketing mix
  6. The Smart campaign
    1. Seeing Smart
    2. The Smart Experience
    3. Smart spots
    4. Surfing Smart
    5. Smart in the News

The Smart car brand has seen great success in France over the last several years. Through our research, we have found that Smart has enormous potential in the United States' automobile industry. Thus, we have created a marketing plan that outlines the strategies and tactics that Smart brand should take, beginning at the end of 2007. If implemented effectively, these strategies will create strong brand image and a clear and unique position in the United States' automobile market within a short span of time.

To begin with, we will implement a market skimming pricing strategy prior to the official launch of the Smart car in the United States. This will allow consumers to purchase the Smart car before it becomes too mainstream. However, as we have identified our primary target market to be sensible, reasonable, and practical, we will lower the price at the time of the official launch.

[...] The primary and secondary target market Smart car's primary target market is comprised of consumers who are looking for a sleek, innovative car that allow them to save money on gas, as well as spare them time and frustration when searching for a parking spot. This group describes themselves as being ambitious, self-confident, dynamic, and adaptable. Our primary research shows the following characteristics: Demographics: males and females, 20-34 years old Family size: 1-2 people Family Life Cycle: young and single or young and married Income: $30,000 to $80,000 annually Occupation: students or white-collared jobs Education: college degree or pursuing higher education Social Class: middle or upper-middle Psychographics: trendsetters, opinion leaders, experiential This primary target market has stated on the following keys insights: - 51% stated that parking was their biggest problem when driving in a city - most important factors when purchasing an automobile: gas mileage, design, space 8/18 International Marketing - 85% would use the internet to find information when purchasing a new vehicle - 86% get information through advertising Our secondary market is very similar to our primary target market. [...]

[...] As US consumers become ever more concerned with the negative effects their current automobiles have on the environment, as well as the skyrocketing oil prices that have recently hovered over $70 a barrel, we are seeing a monumental shift in the way these consumers think about their next vehicle purchase. More and more, we are seeing Americans turn to fuel-efficient technologies that allow them to see their savings every time they go to the gas pump, as well as provide piece of mind knowing that they have a made an environmentally conscious purchase. Our research shows that the American public is looking for these alternatives and Smart car is entering the market at a time when primary demand for fuel-efficient vehicles is growing exponentially. b. [...]

[...] Promotion The use of promotion will likely play the most critical role in marketing the Smart car in the US. We have devolved a number of promotional campaigns, through a variety of media, to help us build our image and positioning as set forth in our positioning statement. We plan to assure that all of our promotion is in line with our objectives and that these promotions all work seamlessly to create a clear IMC. We have created a number of campaigns that work to this end. [...]

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