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Universal Mobile

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  1. Presentation of the company
  2. The context of launching
    1. The competition
    2. The Marketing Mix
  3. The 360 campaign
    1. The TV campaign
    2. The web Campaign
    3. The billboard campaign
    4. Points of sale
    5. Press prints
  4. The objectives
    1. The marketing objectives
    2. The commercial objectives
  5. The results
    1. The marketing assessment
    2. The commercial assessment
  6. Recommendations
    1. To highlight the fact that Universal Mobile belongs to Bouygues Telecom
    2. To reinforce the visibility of the web, a key media for the target
    3. To simplify the message and adapt it to each media
    4. To differentiate

Universal Mobile was born in 2004 by a partnership between Bouygues Telecom, which is the third French mobile operator and Universal Music. It can be represented as a MVNO, Mobile Virtual Net Operator. It proposes pre-paid mobile offers and mobile phones for teenagers. Universal Mobile's target is indeed young people, from 12 to 18 year olds. There are two aspects to envisage assessing the launch of a new pre-paid mobile offer on August 2008. This new contract with unlimited calls and other advantages was launched in a growing and competitive environment. There are today, two strong and historical competitors in the mobile market, Orange and SFR. Besides, they have to face up with some new, fast growing actors such as Virgin mobile or NRJ Mobile or MVNO. In this sector, customers have become increasingly demanding, there are more and more key market expectations such as the unlimited calls offer and after-sale services. Concerning the mix marketing, we will do a brief summary of the general trends regarding the 4Ps.

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