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Waitrose's marketing strategy

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  1. The organization orientation
    1. Production orientation
    2. Sales orientation
    3. Product orientation
    4. Marketing orientation
    5. Waitrose orientation
  2. The Marketing mix
    1. Product
    2. Price
    3. Promotion
    4. Place
  3. Competitive organization
    1. Five forces
    2. Competitive analysis
    3. Competitive advantage
    4. Conclusion

Supermarkets are becoming more competitive due to the increased amount of buying needs of customers. They try their best to attract customers by researching market demand, re-creating their marketing strategy and identifying their marketing positioning to satisfy their customers. A marketer has to consider every single problem related to the market which is a complicated task. Understanding customer behavior is extremely challenging as it influences the marketing strategy that needs to be implemented. Thus, organizations try to understand more about their customers in order to meet their organizational target. For the supermarkets, customer is their biggest revenue spinner and it is vital for them to improve their product base and services. In the supermarket business, most of them are willing to cover every needs of customer or in other words they try to offer low price products, middling and expensive products which match different customer groups. Waitrose focuses on the high quality products, which means the price is quite expensive to be compared with other competitors.

[...] Porter's 5 forces According to Jobber, by understanding its competitors, a firm can better predict their reaction to any marketing initiative that the firm might make, and exploit any weaknesses they might process. Competitor analysis is thus crucial for the successful implementation of a marketing strategy. The threat of new entrants News entrants can increase the level of competition in a sector and it can also discourage new entrants when the level of competition is already fierce. UK food retailers market share 2007 Sales Food retail No retail % Share (excl. [...]

[...] (See Jobber's promotion from part p498 to p533) Waitrose is using direct marketing to promote its brand and products. According to the same book reference, ?direct marketing is a technique of communication and sales which consists of spreading a personalised message toward a target of people or firms, in order to obtain an immediate and measurable reaction' (Jobber p.499). This method is based on databases and its objective is to attract new consumers thanks to an adapted offer. Then, the company has to create loyalty. [...]

[...] To conclude, we understand that Waitrose is marketing orientated and maintains this orientation: Waitrose supermarket been voted the UK's favourite' shop in March 2007 (From BBC news). This proves that Waitrose satisfies the needs and wants of its customers. II) The Marketing Mix Supermarkets, the new face of shopping which has been transforming through the years of its start and establishment all around us and especially in the UK retail industry and which is a success factor for the past decade. [...]

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