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E-commerce analysis in companies - Questions and Answers

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  1. Define E-commerce
  2. Name eight challenges in making an e-commerce business successful?
  3. If you were to enter into e-commerce ... outline the pros and cons of utilizing third party services or do the work directly yourself?
  4. Explain what last mile delivery is and how is this being managed in the USA E-commerce world of the supply chain and logistics?
  5. Name 7 characteristics of Amazon that has made it one of the largest and
  6. Explain why trade compliance is an important aspect of E-commerce sales that crosses through international borders?
  7. Explain what INCO terms are and their relevance to E-commerce?
  8. Explain what landed cost is, and its relevance to E-commerce?
  9. A children's toy company based in Amsterdam wants to enter the US market and sell through e-commerce channels, where they have been successful in Europe. How should they approach the logistics and distribution process, with a focus on minimizing both risk and cost?
  10. Explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative in the decision-Making process? Which is better in making an informed decision?
  11. Explain what SMART means in goal setting?

The E-commerce is the electronic commerce, which means distance trading via the internet. The E-commerce can be in BtoB, in BtoC in CtoC or in CtoB.
On the E-commerce, we can buy or sell goods or services or even send funds.

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