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Age/Size/Structure of the population (the market of sewing machines is affected by the smaller size of families and by increasing women employment) - The ageing population has an influence on health budgets. - Social categories or/and average level of income (more unemployment : lower disposable income : more hard discounters) - Living areas: % population in the countryside, small cities, big cities, suburbs of big cities... - Level of education All these factors can explain some government policies run for the long term (health policy, road safety policies?)

[...] The micro-environment Competition analysis in four steps: Different competitive market: - Fragmented markets is divided in numerous small size segments many competitors with small market share each (household, appliances, publishing market) Concentrated markets few competitors with substantial market share each (drugs, food industry, mobile phone) Open markets access to market is easy (travel agencies, restaurants, real estate) Closed markets access to market is difficult due to either strong competitors , or specific customer habits or legislation , or high cost of entry in terms of technology communication (car industry, banking, luxury, mass distribution, aerospace) The 3 levels of competitive environment: Inter-product competition direct competition Inter-segment competition indirect competition Generic competition indirect competition Market analysis Market definition: To analyse and measure a market it is mandatory to define clearly its boundaries up-front. A market can be defined from 2 perspectives: - Offer perspective : Market is defined as being what users consider as all related or substitution products ( Product perspective) Demand perspective : Market is defined by all individuals who are interested or consume a defined product( Customer perspective ) The product/offer perspective: It is the company answer to a customer demand or nee. Ex: bottled water market. [...]

[...] Is it a seasonal purchase? Ex: beer or ice cream in summer, jewelry for Christmas or Mother's day important to plan promotions correctly and also to plan the implementation of products in store. Nature of the activity during which the product is consumed Ex: with cereals: for breakfast, but also for afternoon break, for a outdoor, for a picnic competitive products will not be the same depending upon the consumption occasion/moment. Why: why do people buy the product? Analysis of the purchase drivers and analysis of the purchasing process. [...]

[...] The market will be saturated when the penetration rate is close to 100%. For durable goods, we talk of equipment rate and renewal rate Customer behavior a measures demand analysis: Purchase act = the number of purchasing acts during the considered period. Can also be completed with the average spend for each purchase (value purchase act) Total market value = NA x Nb of purchase acts x Average value per purchase act. Competition analysis Competition analysis the approach: Identify the main and key competitors (current and potential future) and analyze the most dangerous ones': According to their power, experience and dynamism: market share evolution, brand strength, financial resources (especially marketing investments), technological resources, profitability, number of new products and pace of new product launches. [...]

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