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A study on comparative analysis of customer satisfaction

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Objectives of the study.
  3. Industry profile.
  4. Methodology.
    1. Primary data.
    2. Secondary data.
  5. Need and significance of the study.
  6. Scope of the study.
  7. Limitations of the study.
  8. Theoretical framework.
    1. Stages of the buying process.
    2. Interest.
    3. Evaluation and intention.
    4. Output.
    5. Purchase.
    6. Post purchase.
    7. Buyer characteristics.
    8. Product characteristics.
    9. Nicosia model.
    10. Howad Sheth model.
    11. Engle Kollat Balckell model.
    12. Bettman's information processing model of consumer choice.
  9. Profile of the company.
    1. Important milestones of the company.
    2. Consumer behavior for Mahindra tractors.
  10. Analysis of the data.
  11. Conclusion.
  12. Bibliography.
  13. Graphs and tables included.

Marketing is the business function that identifies customer needs and wants, determine which target market the organization can best serve, designs appropriate products, services and programs to serve these markets, and calls upon every one in the organization to ?think and save customers?. From a social viewpoint, marketing links a society's material requirements and its economic pattern of response.

Yet many people see marketing as the art of finding eleven ways to dispose of a company's products. They see marketing only as advertising or selling. Organization gain market leadership by understanding customer needs and finding solutions that satisfy these needs through product innovation, product quality and customer service. If these are absent no amount of advertising or selling can compensate for their absence.

As marketing nears the 21st century its role in business practice is clearly critical. Rapid change and intense global competition exists in Indian markets. Deregulation in key industries has led to the need for market drive and strategies. Non Profit Organizations have discovered the importance of marketing in attaining goals. Buyers of consumers and business goods and services increasingly demand products that meet their specific needs. Survival and growth in a turbulent environment are increasingly difficult to achieve without professional marketing practices.

[...] All these models treat the consumer as decision-maker, who comes to the market place to solve his consumption problems and to achieve the satisfaction of his need on the advice of reference groups and individuals, family members, social class and castes, culture and the like. Both these similar variables influences consumer and the buying process. Stages of buying process: The buying process is composed of a number of stages and is influenced by individuals psychological framework composed of the individual personality, motivation, perceptions and attitudes. [...]

[...] The main objectives of this study can be given as follows To find the type of tractor preferred by various consumers To find the motivating factor of consumers for consuming tractor To find the customer satisfaction for Mahindra & Mahindra tractor To know the consumers idea about Mahindra & Mahindra tractor and consumer's post purchase decisions about Mahindra & Mahindra tractors, and their by To suggest such measures to improve the sales performance of Mahindra & Mahindra INDUSTRY PROFILE Most people recognize Detroit as Motor City Most people recognize that Charles city is considered as birth place as tractor industry. [...]

[...] Response No.of Percentage respondents % Comment:- Out of 20 respondents' 11 respondents are saying that they are getting spare parts with in a range of 1-3km respondents are 3-5km respondent is 5-7km respondents are 9-11km respondents are emphasizing on 1-3km. The following table shows customer's opinion regarding availability of service center for Swaraj Table 9 S.No. Response No.of Percentage respondents % Comment:- Out of 20 respondents' 10 respondents are saying that they are getting spare parts with in 1-3km respondent is getting within 3-5km respondents are getting within 5-7km respondents are getting within 11km.50% respondents are emphasizing on 1-3km. [...]

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