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Advertising on the radio

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  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives of the study
  3. Research methodology
    1. Primary
    2. Secondary
  4. Fundamentals of technical know-how
    1. Cost involved
  5. Origin of format radio
  6. History of Indian radio
  7. Different radio stations across India
  8. License fee and revenue sharing model
  9. The future of radio industry
  10. SWOT analysis
  11. Advertising through radio in India
    1. Pros and cons of radio advertising
    2. Types of radio advertising
  12. Case studies
  13. A brief study of All India Radio
  14. Annexures
  15. Bibliography
  16. Conclusion

Advertising, in general, expresses the positioning. Powerful advertising is the result of powerful planning. Great ideas and great ad campaigns don't just pop out from nowhere, they are built on the key communication points that motivate sales. Radio is entirely a medium of sound, which evokes smells, sensations and visual images which brings the listeners imaginations into play. Radio advertising is one of the tools of advertising which is effectively used for communication and positioning. It is one of the foundations for effective and successful advertising. Radio can be used effectively for advertisement since it can target the large audience because of its high reach. Radio is good at increasing awareness about the brand and business and helping in building the brand image. But all this was only for pure academic purpose. With the advent of television radio lost its popularity and thus its purpose with the marketers. This led to sharp declines in the proportion of advertisement spending on radio as compared to other media. But then came the governments order on liberalization and privatization. This brought about loads of changes in the world of radio broadcasting in India. Prominent and established companies entered the business of FM Broadcasting.

[...] Endorsing advertising on RED is not just about buying spots, but is a total experience, tailored to the customer's needs. Red is also focusing, towards the influence of one station with the other, use their strengths and improve co-ordination between the three stations; this is an important task in terms of helping the advertiser. Red's current advertisers profile includes both retail clients and corporates, they form a healthy percentage of advertisers. They have other high profiled clients like Sony Entertainment, Zee, LG, Coke, Hutch, Idea, HT, ICICI Prudential, State Bank of India, Metlife, Kotak Mahindra and Dabur among others. [...]

[...] Short commercials Opportunities: Getting copyright licenses from the government for running mega events which are aired on the AIR radio station and have been restricted to be aired on other private stations. Launching a radio station with 24-hour news channel Tie-ups with BEST or railway authority for playing the FM in train and in bus. The launch of Private Radio FM has managed to create a set of Listeners' for the medium The new radio stations which will come in future they can have venture with the college or university campuses. [...]

[...] However with new players entering the market and providing them with the content they want the trend is now changing more people are switching on their radio sets even in these categories, specially the teenagers ! When an advertiser places an advertisement he has to make sure that his target audiences are met through this medium. Various shows are held by the radio stations. In order to meet the requirements of its listeners and its corporate audiences. As the 7.30 to 11 slot is the most important slot because many listeners are tuned in the shows are generally family oriented as everyone mostly listens to them and news programs on government owned stations. [...]

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