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A report on comparative market analysis and marketing strategy of Samsung electronics

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  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the consumer durable market
  3. Company profile
  4. Comparative analysis
  5. Objective of the study
  6. Scope and limitation of the study
  7. Research methodology
  8. Analysis of dealers questionnaire
  9. Analysis of sales data
  10. Analysis by the Charles Spearman's rank correlation method
  11. Findings
  12. References
  13. Conclusion

All progress is born of inquiry. Doubt is often better than overconfidence, for it leads to inquiry and inquiry leads to investigation? Research inculcates scientific and inductive thinking and it promotes the development of logical habits of thinking and organization.

Research is a common parlance refers to a search of knowledge. The advanced learner's Dictionary of current English lays down the meaning of research as a careful investigation or inquiry especially through search for new facts in any branch of Knowledge.

What is comparative Marketing study? In comparative marketing research we take our competitor's products and make comparison through consumer with our own products.
Why Comparative Marketing study? Comparative marketing study/research comprise one of the most important and fascinating task of marketing. It provides information for marketing decision making, any problem that are identified and investigated further by using problem solving techniques with the objective of arriving at solution. The most important innovation in the new approach is to study simultaneously different organizational forms of business interest representation. The aim of the study is to point out the best (in this respect) among the alternatives that are being studied. The final aim perhaps is not only to find the best, but also to improve it or similar objects later on.

The consumer durable market has seen a proliferation of brands and product categories in recent years. Most major international brands from Japan, Korea, US, Europe and China have been launched with varying degrees of success. One of the largest barriers to entry for any brand is the distribution network.

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[...] As shown in fig in The city and Surroundings Samsung enjoys an awareness of over 95% and a positive opinion of around 80% in the area today. Fig 2.2 ANALYSIS OF SALES DATA The sales date collected from the sources has been used to predict the future Samsung India private limited by using the Least Squares Method Explanation of the Method This method is widely used in Practice. It is a mathematical method and with its help trend line is fitted to the Data in such a manner that the following two conditions are satisfied I.e. [...]

[...] Consumer Durables play a major role in the life of each individual The dealers are the inseparable pillar between the company and the ultimate consumer Retailers can sell any thing to the consumers if rewarded with appropriate incentives Dealers are happy keeping the single brand Retailer like keeping variety brand so as no let the consumer leave the counter until he affect sales The retailers of remote areas of The city i.e.Naya gaon, Daddomajara, baltana, Badial & Manimajara have different perception about Different segments ofCTV&A.C Retailers like to stock the most sellable models of the company rather than the display models being promoted by the company The dealers in Sector Like targeting high profile people The markets of Naya gaon, Daddomajara, baltana, Badial & Manimajara are the low end markets The percentage of premium end customers in Sector is around 90% as compared to of 30% in Naya gaon, Daddomajara, baltana, Badial & Manimajara Low end markets of The city have very less market for 1.5 & 2 ton Air conditioners The retailers in Manimajara are in a better position to tackle consumers as compare to that of other remote areas Dealer disclosed the fact that approx 85 percent customer come with Prior knowledge of product price, features, discount offer, exchange offer only 15 percent are unknown customer In CTV segment 38 percent dealer recommend the Samsung brand percent dealer recommend LG percent recommend Videocon and 12 percent recommend the Haier AC segment: In AC segment LG got the highest recommendation 32 percent, Samsung got 31 percent, Haier got 17 percent and Videocon got the 20 percent recommendation The analysis of the sales data reflects that the sale of Samsung is increasing year after year in comparison to its competitors The ranking of the brands have the positive relation with design, price and others have the negative correlation. [...]

[...] Please rank following modes from 1 to on the basis of their influence on customer. (Rank1 = high, Rank 7 = low) Television Radio Newspapers Magazines Pamphlets Internet Trade Shows Q15. What different complaints are faced by you from your customer? (Mark to appropriate one) LG Samsung Haier Videocon Sony Brand Complaints Bad Picture quality Problem with Picture tube High Electricity Consumption Fading of Colour Q16. Which Brand you Recommend and why? . PERSONAL PROFILE Dealer's Name: Address: Ph. No.:- Date: Sign/ Stamp Questionnaire on A.C PURPOSE OF STUDY I am an MBA student of ICFAI Business School presently pursuing my Management Research Project. [...]

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