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Adidas - the woman is the future of the sport

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  1. Introduction
  2. The marketing mix
    1. The product policy
    2. Differentiation by product
  3. Analysis of the range
  4. The pricing policy
  5. The distribution policy
  6. Communication policy
  7. Strengths & Weaknesses
  8. Conclusion

Today, sport is occupying a predominant position in our daily lives. This phenomenon is partly due to new technologies and innovation. With the arrival of 35 hours, the French spend more time on leisure and want to spend or relax while playing sports. Among men, the sport is very much present, but today it also appeals to women.

The Adidas Company is active in the textile market of sport since 1948, and is the leader in its field and now wants to seduce women who have been a target too long neglected. They are major consumers and they spend more than men and buy mostly for pleasure. We'll study the target of women in the sports market to offer tailored marketing campaigns.

The practice of sport is constantly increasing. With 35 hours, we see an increase in free time. So many women spend more time playing sports than before and are increasingly affected by fashion. Adidas, who was moving heavily in the male market, decided to enter the burgeoning female market. We therefore believe that the massification of practices, increased leisure time (35h), and the rise of women's market are the positives of the market.

The image of Adidas has more notoriety than MDD and GSS. In the consumer's mind it is nobler than some brands such as Decathlon and others. Moreover, most French Federations have opted for the brand Adidas and Nike and not for others.

The volume of sales for the classical clothing also develops a new range for women and thus produces new products for this target. The sales volume will be much greater. The same quality products will be made, but this time it will be for their female clientele.

Tags: Adidas Company, women in sports, Adidas products for women in sports

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