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Advertising campaign for a new contact lens

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  1. Introduction
  2. Define your product: A new contact lens
    1. What is its function?
    2. What problem or opportunity does it solve?
    3. What is its name/brand?
  3. Reaching your audience
    1. Who is your target audience?
    2. What drivers will they respond to?
  4. Delivering the message
    1. What integrated marketing communications mix will you select?
    2. What specific media will you use?
  5. Regulatory issues
    1. What regulatory or trade association issues or restrictions do you operate under?
  6. Final campaign
  7. Conclusion

This final paper deals with an advertising campaign for a brand new contact lens. This final report will outline the framework from the syllabus.This document will first define the product specifications and give its main function and then we will discuss about the brand name selection and justification about the choice of the brand and the logo.

In a second section dedicated to the audience, this report will focus on the way of reaching the determined target according to current trends and process of selection called drivers. In the third part we will use those drivers in order to conduct to the establishment of an advertising message in a way of persuading our audience to buy Vision Plus contact lenses.

This report will also describe how the message will be spread and can be communicated to the audience and will analyze which media is the most effective for this new advertising campaign. Finally before concluding with a template of the final advertising campaign, the documents will focus on regulatory issues and trade associations where this product is operating under.

[...] Humor or sex appeal with contact lenses would be a good basis for a creative adds plenty of scenarios with different humoristic situation with glasses or lenses are possible. Finally and the more important is the objective of persuasion for the consumer by showing the reason why wearing lenses is a better choice and making comparisons between glasses and lenses from competitors. In social activities especially when you're young and when you're sharing time with almost always the same people, you want to give the best image as you can of yourself. [...]

[...] We can obviously say that for lenses customers, it is inconvenient to wear glasses and people feel a better looking with contact lenses. We can obviously notice that customers are responding to esteem needs drivers such as achievement, responsibility, reputation, status. They are drove by the will of being successful and recognized. They are drove by years of advertising and communication about standard of beauty and self image. In our modern society brands who rule the fashion are never used glasses in ads in most of cases. [...]

[...] In order to initiate the most effective advertising campaign possible for this new product, we selected different kind of Medias. First it seems useless to develop a TV advertising campaign, it is very expensive and in our case it would be a waste of money. Moreover in the United States a lot channels are available including local and national TV, covering a large part of the population in order to reach or target seems to be a waste of money and time. [...]

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