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Analysis of the beer industry (2007)

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The market for the brewing industry today faces profound changes. Indeed, while the market for alcoholic beverages tend to increase the overall consumption all products and increased from 182.084 million liters in 2000 to 204,361,000 liters in 2005, an increase of 2.7% by volume.

At first sight, these figures are pro-brewers and if the sales are still growing, they are carried out in new markets. Indeed, traditional markets mature and Western products were displayed at half mast. By contrast, emerging markets such as Latin America, China, Russia and Africa have growth rates that are very interesting.

There are several explanations for the slowdown in the consumption of alcohol and beer in industrialized countries. The evolution of culture of drinking lifestyles in industrialized countries has changed recently. The market is becoming increasingly demanding, with mature consumers seeking for products that are more sophisticated. They are moving away from beer that is traditional onto other products.

The issue of health and social problems are said to be related to alcohol, so most Western governments recognize that violent behavior arises from excessive alcohol intake. Consequently governments are proposing new policies to stem this problem and the health departments are highlighting the cancer risk due to alcohol intake.

Tags: Brewing Industry, beer consumption, analysis of alcohol and beer markets.

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