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Analysis of the Scooter market in France

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  1. Introduction
  2. Introducing New Frontiers
    1. Milestones
    2. Key figures
    3. The tour operator
    4. Destinations
  3. The various direct marketing materials
    1. Direct marketing
    2. Direct telephone marketing
    3. The big media marketing
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of the different media used for direct marketing.
  5. Database and files

The market for scooters was originally launched by Italian Vespa in 1946 and has been present in France for many years. It is a fashion accessory, a practical means of transportation and a fun mode of transport. Today, the sales from this sector have increased by over 30%, and it operates in a highly competitive environment and covers a large target.

It is interesting to study the French market of the scooter. We successively analyze the overall market for scooters, clients, producers, distributors and finally the elements of the macro-environment that can influence the market.

The distribution of sales of scooters varies depending on the category. In 2001, sales of scooters over 125 cubic centimeters (cc) totaled 4,505 units, while those of 50 to 125cc totaled 34,000 units; and104, 333 50cc scooters were sold.

In 2005, 54,672,125cc scooters were sold, representing a growth of 13.2% over 2004. These sales represent more than a quarter of the total number of motorbikes over 50cc up in France this year.

In 2006, growth does not weaken during the first five months of this year's 125cc scooter market, which has reached an increase of more than 40% over the same period a year ago with the release of new models and a wave of promotional offers.

Thus, we note that today, the trend is reversed compared to 2001; sales of 50cc scooters are plummeting in favor of 125cc.

With the current legislation on driving licenses, the licensed B can drive a motorbike of less than 125cc. Access to this type of scooter is now widely democratized. New audiences of urban workers are attracted to these means of locomotion because of increasing congestion in cities and the saturation of transit networks.

Until then, these vehicles were primarily used by teens and designed especially with 50cc engines. For ten years, 50cc experiencing stagnation in their sales and could even go to ruin. Unlike these, sales of 125cc scooters have doubled over the same period.
Moreover, new emission standards could contribute to the disappearance of 50cc scooters. It is then the 125cc scooters that are the future, because they meet a real need for urban and suburban areas.

Tags: scooters, scooter market in France, analysis of scooter market

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