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Analysis of the Sector of dietetics in the United States

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  1. Introduction
  2. The marketing mix
    1. The product policy
    2. Differentiation by product
  3. Analysis of the range
  4. The pricing policy
  5. The distribution policy
  6. Communication policy
  7. Strengths & Weaknesses
  8. Conclusion

The consumer slowdown in 2008 resulted largely from the financial crisis that affected the whole industry except for low cost stores like Wal-Mart that were clearly identified by households offering the lowest prices. Even department stores that specialize in high end goods were affected. The trend was expected to grow in 2009, with store closings and a larger number of bankruptcies (+ 64%).

Distributors specializing in clothing, toys, appliances, home electronics, furniture, and office equipments were affected, but food retailing in supermarkets suffered less. There are two great leaders on the market for ready for use kitchen products: Jenny Craig and Lean Cuisine. This report will study the two main leaders in this segment.

Lean Cuisine is a brand of frozen meals sold in the United States, Canada and Australia by Nestle. The brand specializes in slimming products ready to be reheated in the microwave and means "Lean Cuisine" in French. The brand is owned by the world's leading nutritionNestle.

Lean Cuisine is distinguished mainly by the fact that its products very low in fat and trans fatty acids.The brand saw its sales explode between 1980 and 1990 becoming one of the most promising brands of Nestle. Lean Cuisine is sponsoring the Foundation against breast cancer which contributes to its good image.

The sales diminished during 2003-2004, as well as for other brands of diet with the increased popularity of low carb diet plans.

The supply of Lean cuisine is very similar to that proposed by its rivaland Nutrisaveur first Jenny Craig "ready" weight loss products. The supply of Lean cuisine is very diverse and established according to the different meals in a day ie breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts.The products are certified free from preservatives and no trans fatty acids and are classified according to different ranges that are well identified.

The popularity of French cuisine to Americans is not new. Besides the quality of its cuisine, world-renowned French cuisine a myth: that of the famous "French paradox", which means an apparent contradiction between the practice food rather rich as butter, French and healthy.

Everything that is associated with French cuisine is popular in the United States.The many connotations in French dishes (appetizer, cooking) suggest that French cuisine and expanding in the United States.

The market for diet in the United States, in terms of ready meals to use is largely dominated by two great leaders namely Jenny Craig and Lean Cuisine.
Other marks are located on the market but it is most often just labels.

In terms of marketing, one can deduce that it is mainly through supermarkets and slimming diet centers experiencing considerable expansion in the United States.

French cuisine has become a fad because it is considered healthy, balanced and tasty. Americans realize that their eating habits must change. This is where Nutrisaveur has real potential to enter the U.S. market for nutrition. However, such an implementation will require considerable expense.

In addition, the name Nutrisaveur is not suitable to the market because it has no special meaning for the U.S.base. Competition in the market remains important because many brands (many distributors) and the two giants of the weight loss are already established.

Tags: Lean Cuisine ready meals, Diets in United States, market analysis for diet meals

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