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Banania on the market during the World Wars

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  1. The company and its context
  2. The context of the negotiation
  3. Creation of contacts
  4. The discovery of the customer and his needs
  5. The proposed beginning
  6. The arguments and response to objections
  7. Striking a balance
  8. The realization

Banania a widely popular drink is mostly distributed in France. Banania received its first success in supplying gourmet breakfast to the French troops during the First World War. Since then the company has acquired a vast reputation and established itself as the leader in the market for chocolate powder.

The Banania brand in France is now owned by the newly-founded French company Nutrial, which acquired it from Unilever in 2003.

To maintain its popularity throughout the twentieth century, Banania opted for a strategy involving communication and loyalty. It participated in the Colonial Exhibition in Paris and is famous for the slogan ?Y'a bon Banania'. This humorous slogan was expressed patriotically to boost the French morale during the Second World War.

The original advertising has become a cultural icon in France. Posters and reproduction tin-plate signs of the pre-war advertising continue to be sold. In the 1970's and early 1980's, Banania sponsored the Yellow Jersey of the Tour de France.

In 1939, Banania produced 1,400 tons of chocolate powder and by the end of the war production had reached 2,500 tons, despite relocating the production site after the war. 1953, Banania reached the threshold of producing 5000 tonnes of powdered chocolate per year.

The market for chocolate powder is declining. At the moment, 62% of the households in France buy chocolate powder; back in 1996 the figure was 66%. Unit sales were down slightly when compared to 1990 (-6%) and is now estimated to be 45,000 tons per year.

Tags: Banania brand of chocolate powder, Banania's presence in the French market, Banania's popularity during World War

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